Blockbuster Online Video Game Rental Service Review

The Blockbuster Online experience was much worse than I expected. The wide selection and low monthly rate are very attractive at first glance. Unfortunately, the poor availability and slow shipping times make this service a real disappointment and not worth paying for. I can not suggest an alternative since GameFly’s experience is just as bad with no other popular competitors in the space. Hopefully, a competitor will enter the marketplace that can actually nail the execution of this particular business model.

GameFly Video Game Rental Service Review

Having put the GameFly service to the test through the 30 day trial I can honestly say the service does not live up to its hype. It seems to be overpriced and under performing. Their shipping times were too slow, their PC client worked horribly, and their pricing is too expensive compared to competition such as Blockbuster. For anyone looking for a serious service such as this you will likely want to checkout Blockbuster’s instead since they also have a 30 day trial (in which I will be reviewing in the coming month). To sum it up, GameFly is not a service that I believe is valuable enough to spend your money on and I do not recommend it in almost all cases.