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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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FatCow is a web hosting company that has been around since 1998. It claims to be the “#1 Small Business Hosting” though they have no real proof backing this claim up. The aspect about FatCow that lures in consumers in is their super cheap hosting plan which is only $38 per year (though it renews at $107.40 for the following year). We have first hand experience dealing with issues with FatCow in which we will detail below.

The FatCow Plan

What do you receive for the $38 per year? (according to them)

  • Oodles of Disk Space
  • Oodles of Bandwidth
  • FREE¬†Domain Name
  • Simple-to-use site builders
  • Easy online store tools
  • Blogs, photo galleries
  • Legendairy Support
fatcow control panel
FatCow's Control Panel

The Control Panel

From our personal experience the FatCow's Control Panel is fairly easy to use, but very glitchy. Some of the options and menus did not work or were very difficult to achieve success. For example, the “one-click” WordPress option is horrendous which resulted in so many issues (ones that support claimed they could not fix) that I manually installed WordPress on the server myself. The file manager and domain management system work fairly well though we were overly impressed by any of it. It also is not cPanel so transferring out of FatCow to another provider is a headache.

Customer Support

FatCow does have 24/7 customer support and we had extensive experience with their chat support. Our experience with their support was poor at best. It always seemed as though you were waiting in a line for 20-30 minutes each and everytime. Once we got a hold of a chat representative more often than not they could not solve our issue and said the same line over and over. “We are aware of the issue and our technical support is looking into it. Please check back in a couple of hours.” It seemed as though they put absolutely no effort into fixing my issue and they just answered with a predetermined response every time.

Server Speed and Uptime

We noticed the speed of our sites was dreadfully slow at times and practically unusable for the average visitor. As for the uptime, it similarly as awful as the site speed was. It was not uncommon for our site to go down for 6-8 hours every week or so. When you contact support they said they were doing maintenance and it will be up shortly. If you notice there is a common trend (and rightfully so) for web hosting companies to include an “uptime guarantee” on their website for potential customers. After browsing the FatCow site thoroughly, there is no guarantee of any uptime so realistically there is nothing you can do about it besides wait it out.

If you insist on purchasing from FatCow even though we do not recommend it, use the link below.