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  • eVoice® Virtual Phone System
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  • Last modified: June 23, 2016
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eVoice® is an affordable virtual phone system that is designed primarily for small business use.


With so many traditional business services going digital (faxing, printing, mail, etc.), it makes sense for small businesses to switch to a virtual phone system to save money and provide added convenience. There are multiple companies competing in the virtual phone industry, but today we are doing to take an in-depth look at the eVoice® service which is owned by j2 Global, Inc. This service offers multiple tiers to fit most small businesses while remaining competitively priced and easy on your budget.



eVoice® offers many features that are valuable to a small businesses and offer advantages over a traditional phone service. If your looking to setup a toll free number, new local number, or transfer your existing phone number then eVoice® will be there to help. Additionally, you will have access to features such as multiple extensions, online administration, speed dial, mobile apps for making calls on the go, professional greetings, and much more. Their features included with every plan are on par with their competitors, but they also offer more advanced features such as web conferencing and call recording for an additional cost.


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eVoice® offers 3 tiers of service that will cater to most small business however I would like to see a plan that offers more extensions/minutes for a higher price. Many of their competitors are offering plans with unlimited extensions and minutes at a more premium price point. Each of the 3 tiers support both local and toll-free numbers, but you will need the medium or top tiered plan if you are looking to transfer your existing number. Additionally, the VIP setup and support is not included with the basic level plan, but this isn't all that necessary from my experience.


Interface & Control Panel


The eVoice® web interface lacks a visual appeal and is fairly bland, but it gets the job done so I won't be too critical. From within the online control panel, you have the option to view your voicemail inbox, setup new extensions, record greetings, and edit call settings. Making changes to your virtual phone system is simple enough though it may take you a bit to search through the various menus to find the exact option you are looking for. Personally, I liked how you can add numbers to block (for telemarketers or spammers), configure call routing in seconds, and download voicemails for offline playback. If you are having trouble figuring out how to do something, you can download their “Quickstart Guide” directly through the eVoice® control panel or simply send their support an email.

Mobile App

It was nice to see a mobile app offered for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry as it will suit almost any modern smartphone especially those used in a small business environment. Throughout my testing, I relied on the eVoice® iOS app to carry out my calls and access voicemails while on the go. Unfortunately, the developer of the app suffered from the same bland creativity of the web interface so it lacks an innovative and appealing design. The iOS app in particular was rather buggy as I witnessed multiple crashes, settings not saving correctly, and a few other small glitches. While it isn't the smoothest mobile experience, it is sufficient and is only really necessary to be used when trying to make calls from your eVoice® number or listening to voicemail as incoming calls are just rerouted to your mobile device without the need of the eVoice® app.

Call Quality & Voicemail System

From my experience, I thought the call quality was relatively decent although I wouldn't consider it perfect (quality is similar to most VOIP services). It obviously depends on several factors, but mainly if your on Wi-Fi or running on 3G/4G. For the price and the convenience of the virtual phone system as a whole, I think the call quality is more than sufficient in most cases and won't be a big factor for the average person.

The voicemail system is also fairly comprehensive with features such as downloadable sound files and voice to text translation. As you'd expect, the voice to text accuracy is not spot on, but it was able to figure out most of the words correctly thus being able to convey the general message as a whole. Would I trust the voice to text translation with important facts and figures?  No, probably not, but this is why you also have the option to listen or download the audio files so you can get a more clear depiction of what was said in the voicemail yourself. The text portion is just there for convenience and act as a quick reference to whether you should take the time to listen to the voicemail or not.


In the end, I found the eVoice® virtual phone system to be an excellent fit for small businesses looking to take their phone system to the next level. With a strong list of features and a competitive pricing structure, you won't find many services whom can match their potential. While their tiered plans aren't able to cater to larger businesses whom need lots of extensions or a large number monthly minutes, I believe the eVoice® service will be a great match for most small businesses and  fit their budgets nicely.  I suggest any prospective consumers who are considering the eVoice® service should sign up for their free 30-day trial. This way you can get a free taste of what the service can do for yourself and your business without taking any financial risk in doing so.