DISH Network Reviews – How Does The Satellite Provider Stack Up?

DISH Network operates one of the largest satellite TV services for consumers. cog Notable FeaturesThe most powerful DVR receiver on the market & convenient features like DISHAnywhere and an integrated remote finder. Channel SelectionAccess to hundreds of channels (both domestic and foreign) with over 40 premium channels available for purchase.  dollar PricingPackages start at $59.99/month with … Read more

Sling TV Review – Affordable, No-Contract Live TV Streaming

Sling TV is a service for live streaming of popular TV networks with no long-term commitment. The Internet has become so dominant that it is quickly changing the way society consumes their media and is slowly driving traditional resources out of business. Newspapers and magazines were the first to fall victim to the Internet’s reign, … Read more

Netflix Review – Online Video Streaming Service

In the end, I found Netflix to be an excellent online video streaming service that is well worth the monthly subscription. When compared to competitors, it has a wider content selection, more user-friendly interface, more compatible platforms, and a better overall execution. If you’re in the market for an online video streaming subscription, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Netflix and giving their free 30-day trial a try since you’ve got nothing to lose.

Redbox Instant Review – Online Video Streaming Service

In the end, I think Redbox Instant is relatively solid streaming service that has potential to take over a large portion the market share as it continues to grow. The business model is excellent, the pricing is reasonable, and there are multiple devices supported for playback. I just wish their instant streaming selection had more desirable titles, but I think over time this will improve as the service is so new. If you are simple looking to stream or rent (via a Redbox kiosk) new movies then Redbox Instant is likely a worthwhile investment. However, if you’re looking to get both movies and tv shows, you’ll want to stick with Netflix or Hulu Plus. Either way, I recommend trying out the free trial as you can get a chance to test out the service without spending a dime.

Hulu Plus Video Streaming Service Review

Hulu Plus is a pretty useful service and comes at a reasonable monthly price. If you are looking for access to TV shows then you’ll likely be content with the service, but if you’re looking for a wide movie selection then you probably want to go to Netflix route instead. Worst case, you can sign up for the free trial and decide for yourself.

Spotify Premium Service Review

If your looking for a legal and safe way to listen to all your favorite songs while paying a flat monthly rate then Spotify Premium is likely the right service for you. It features an easy to use interface that is supported on virtually all major operating systems and mobile devices. Having the ability to stream music or store your files for offline use is a real deal maker when it comes to competitors in this same category. The service is growing rapidly day by day so expect more partnerships with major record labels in the future thus boosting their already massive library of songs.