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Clicky Web Analytics is a premium analytics service that provides advanced tracking & features.


For any website owner, using proper analytics services to track your website's progress and visitor activity is a very powerful asset to run your business effectively. With free services such as Google Analytics dominating the market and being the most popular option, there is still plenty of room for premium services to enter the market and provide advanced features in exchange for a monthly fee. Clicky web analytics is one of these services and they currently offer a free plan, pro plan, pro plus plan, pro platinum plan, and a custom plan for extremely high traffic websites reaching over 5 million+ page views per day. This review in particular will be covering the “pro plus” plan which is the lowest tier that still gives access to all of the features Clicky has to offer.


When signed up for the pro plus Clicky plan you receive an impressive amount of features. First of all, Clicky is a real time web analytics service. This means you can track your visits live and you will always see up to the minute traffic data. This is also true with Google Analytics, but in my opinion Clicky's advanced set of features outmatch Googles by a longshot.

With the free or pro plan you will receive all the same basic features that you would in similar analytics services. These includes things like viewing the tracking history for pages, search terms, referring domains, traffic sources, and various other criteria. It also does a great job breaking down visitors into special segments. An example of this is categorizing visitors by location, internet service provider, browser, screen resolution, and much more. It also includes an innovative Twitter analytics feature that allows for you to type in keywords to monitor in Twitter in which you will be able to receive custom reports based of recent Twitter statistics. I have yet to test this feature as I'm not utilizing Twitter all that much in my current stage, but I could see this as being very useful if you do a lot of Twitter marketing.

An example of a recent visitors map of this website.
An example of a recent visitors map of this website.

Some of my favorite features in Clicky are only available in the pro plus tier or higher. There are a staggering amount of awesome premium features, so I'm only going to give you an idea of some of my favorites. I love the features such as “spy” mode which allows for real-time spying on your current visitor's actions and heatmaps that show exactly where previous visitors have clicked throughout your site's pages. Also integrated into the premium features is Google search rankings that will show you what position you ranked on Google for incoming search terms.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 4.29.35 PM
An example of Google rank reporting for incoming search terms.

You can set up custom alerts notifying you of a completed goal such as hitting a daily traffic goal or receiving organic traffic from a particular keyword. These alerts are able to be sent via email, Twitter, through an audio cue, or a desktop notification. For those of you who constantly worry about your website being down, you'll be happy to hear there is also built in up-time monitoring system allowing you piece of mind as you will be immediately notified if your site is found to be offline.

For a full list of the features included in each of the various plans check out this link: Clicky Web Analytics


Clicky truly is the real deal when it comes to premium web analytics. Almost all of the features are satisfying and what I expected, though I'm finding it a bit difficult to get the heatmaps setup correctly since my site's page width is dynamic. There is a “liquid (dynamic width)” setting under preferences where you choose how wide your site's layout is, but my heat maps still seem to be quite a bit off with almost all of my clicks showing as being in random blank spots on my pages where there is no content or links. Another minor issue I'm having is configuring the service to properly track all of my outbound links since as it currently stands it isn't counting any redirected links that are being clicked-through on any of my site's pages. I'm sure these are just issues with how I have it configured and I will be in contact support for help on how to get it these minor problems perfected.

In terms of precision, the tracking seems to be as accurate if not more accurate than Google. I believe one of the reasons for this is that it does an excellent job differentiating my personal actions on my site from real visitors allowing for precise and non-skewed results. Setting the service up was a breeze as there is a free wordpress plugin available that allows you to enter in your Site ID, Site Key, and Admin Site Key (all found under your Clicky account settings) then you are all set and ready to track. I think the interface is one of the simplest and most pleasing that is currently offered. I was able to start looking at some in-depth statistics without facing any real learning curve as everything is pretty self-explanatory and available right in front of your eyes.

One of my favorite features that is well-executed is the improved method of calculating your site's bounce rate. One of the biggest issues I have had with Google Analytics is that fact that I am penalized in the bounce rate metric in unreasonable situations. For example, if someone visits one of my page looking for information on a particular product and spends 5 full minutes reading my review then leaves without visit any other pages I am penalized with a bounce in Google Analytics. In my eyes in that type of situation my site provided value and the user took the time to read my review before exiting. They likely didn't view any other pages because they were simply only looking for information on a single product at that time. In Clicky this would not considered a bounce since even though the user viewed a single page, they remained on the page for over 30 seconds and were engaged with the text. This is how the bounce rate should truly work and it is satisfying to be able to see a more accurate number.

Here is the comparison of my bounce rate between Click Analytics and Google Analytics as of the first 8 days of February.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 4.44.40 PM

Clicky Analytics Bounce Rate

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 4.45.07 PM

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Clicky web analytics service and I plan to stick with them for the foreseeable future. I won't stop using Google Analytics since the two combined allows for more control over my tracking and gives me a way to further reinforce the accuracy of my statistics. I think the Clicky service is well worth the monthly price for any serious website owner that will put most of the premium features to use, but for some less serious readers the free plan is likely do all you need it to.