AudioBlocks Review Royalty Free Music

AudioBlocks Review – Royalty Free Music Service

AudioBlocks offers unlimited access to royalty-free music and sounds. cog FeaturesDownload an unlimited amount of music and sound effects with royalty-free licensing.  Song SelectionOver 100,000 tracks, loops and sound effects to match most moods. dollar PriceA flat annual fee of $149 per year or monthly payments of $79 per month. Ideal ForFilmmakers, multimedia professionals and

Sling TV Review – Affordable, No-Contract Live TV Streaming

Sling TV is a service for live streaming of popular TV networks with no long-term commitment. The Internet has become so dominant that it is quickly changing the way society consumes their media and is slowly driving traditional resources out of business. Newspapers and magazines were the first to fall victim to the Internet's reign, Review – Photo & Video Gear Rental Service offers affordable rentals on professional photo and video equipment. If you're into photography or filmmaking, you know that the hobby/profession is not cheap with high-end gear sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars. By renting photo or video equipment, you can still get temporary access to expensive lenses, camera bodies, or accessories for photo shoots or

Ooma Telo Review – A Free VOIP Home Phone Service

The Ooma Telo is a free alternative to a traditional home phone service that uses VOIP technology. Introduction In today's society, most have adapted to use mobile phones and the Internet as their main sources for communication whereas 15 years ago neither of these were viable options. Due to this switch, many people are ditching their

PsPrint Review – Online Printing Service

PsPrint is an online printing service that offers convenience coupled with competitive pricing. I booked my trip to this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas a few months early so it gave me plenty of time to prepare for the event. One of the most important aspects to CES is networking and making new connections so

Amazon Student Review – Discounted Prime Membership For College Students

Amazon Student offers students enrolled in college a 50% discount on Prime benefits. While Amazon has been around for quite a while, their massive gain in popularity has primarily taken place over the past decade. The company is now a household name and it is tough to find someone who hasn't bought something off their