AmazonBasics Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras Review

TheĀ AmazonBasics Sling Backpack protects DSLR cameras and holds severalĀ small accessories. Introduction DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly popular with consumers due to advancements in technology and price drops for many of the entry-level models have made them more affordable than ever. While there is a significant performance increase when switching from an point-n-shoot to a DSLR,

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlight Review

The Neewer TT560 is a entry-level flash speedlight for Canon & Nikon DSLR models. Introduction DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly affordable as technology progresses and prices drop. There is also a higher number of amateurs getting involved in photography. Whether they are utilizing these entry-level DSLR models to take stunning family photos or capturing their

HitCase Pro Review – Ultra-Rugged Camera Case For The iPhone 5/5s

I found the HitCase Pro case for the iPhone 5/5s to be well-engineered and built with quality in mind. It performs to the best of its abilities however it often faces limitations of its iPhone counterpart. While it can't exactly compete with a dedicated GoPro camera in many aspects, it is more than sufficient for capturing action-sports, hobbies, or family videos on a casual basis as well as taking stunning wide-angle photos. If you are on a budget and want to get more out of your iPhone in terms of its video and photography capabilities than the HitCase Pro is a solid investment. I would recommend this case to any prospective buyers as long as you realize that your iPhone may encounter limitations mainly due to its battery-life and storage size.

Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod Review

The Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod is a heavy duty professional level product at a consumer level price. It features extreme durability, an impressive set of features as well as excellent handling and performance. I do recommend buying this product and I personally use it as my primary tripod for video use. If you are looking for a quality video tripod at an affordable price that is built to last then this is the right product for you.

Canon 200EG Deluxe Photo Backpack Review

The Canon 200EG Deluxe Photo Backpack looks pretty appealing and like a great choice to most buyers at first glance. I love the storage potential and built-in tripod holder, but the overall the low level of comfort, cheap build material, and poor design make this product a recommended pass for potential buyers. Scroll down to the “Conclusion” portion of the review to see my alternative recommendations.

Dolica Proline Photo Tripod Review

Ultimately, I would recommend this product for anyone looking to get a tripod that will be used strictly for photography and wants to spend less than $50. If you have a little more cash to spend and want video capabilities as well then I would likely opt for something like the Pearstone VT-2100 Video Tripod instead.