Speck CandyShell Case For iPhone 5/5s Review

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  • Speck CandyShell Case For iPhone 5/5s
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Speck CandyShell case offers an ample protection coupled with a sleek glossy finish.

Speck has been in the accessory market for the past decade having gained a reputation for quality protective cases at an affordable price tag. Their line of CandyShell cases have been a hit with many consumers as they support a variety of smartphone models including the iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 5, & Moto X, among others. We were able to get our hands on a sample CandyShell for the iPhone 5/5s so this review is be based solely on our personal experience with the product. Rest assured, no outside influences had any affect on the outcome of this review.

The CandyShell cases are constructed using a 2-in-1 design. The exterior shell is made of a hard, glossy polycarbonate and the interior features a shock-absorbent TPE lining. Unlike many competing cases that feature a 2-piece design, the CandyShell's pieces are molded together and cannot be taken apart. The color combinations are a bit wacky for my taste, but you're bound to find one that fits your liking as there are 6 variants available.

In terms of size, the CandyShell is quite slim only adding a few millimeters of bulk to a bare iPhone 5/5s. When compared to competing models at a similar price-point, the CandyShell's size is on par offering competitive protection benefits matched with great cosmetic appeal.

The CandyShell for iPhone 5/5s does not affect functionality of the device as it offers the necessary cutouts for all buttons and ports. The rear camera cutout supports the iPhone 5s' redesigned flash and the front bezel does not hinder the new Touch-ID sensor. You'll find rubberized covers for the up/down volume buttons as well as the top screen lock button which offer increased protection and convenience.

While the CandyShell does not harness an integrated screen protector, the front bezel is raised slightly to keep the screen from becoming scratched when placed face down. If the lack of a dedicated screen protector is a huge issue, you could always pick up an adhesive one on Amazon for under $7.

Using the Speck CandyShell on a day-to-day basis was a smooth experience. While the protection benefits don't match higher-priced competitors such as the OtterBox Preserver Series or LifeProof freit still keeps your device safe from accidental drops as well as the wear and tear it may receive from everyday use. The glossy finish makes it easy to remove your smartphone from a pocket or purse as there is no texturized material to catch on fabric. At the same time, this glossy finish can get slippery if you have wet or sweaty hands.

Overall, I found the Speck CandyShell iPhone 5/5s case to be a winner as it satisfies the appeal, design, protection, and pricing elements that many consumers seek. While it won't keep your iPhone protected from elements like dirt, sand, snow, or water, it is a mid-level case that helps fight the everyday wear most smartphone endure over time. While I do recommend the CandyShell, I'd suggest buying it from a reputable online retailer (avoid third parties) as there are a lot of Speck counterfeits which are unable to capture the same quality of a genuine case and are not built to last.