rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio Case For iPad Air Review

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  • rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio Case For iPad Air
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio Case For iPad Air has a sleek design and a variety of features.

In this review, we are going to take an in-depth look at the rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio case for the iPad Air. With an MSRP of $49.99 and a current price on Amazon of $39.98, this accessory is reasonably priced while still offering several benefits that you won't find in other competing models. The rooCASE PR team provided a sample unit for testing purposes so the remainder of this review is based solely on our hands on use of the product and no outside influences had any impact on the outcome of this review.

Unlike the OtterBox Defender Series for iPad Air which we previously reviewed, this rooCASE model appeals more to a business crowd as it made with a “premium” PU leather. The case features a two piece design with an outside leather notebook style cover and on the inside there is a detachable hard plastic interior case that holds your iPad on a 360-degree swivel thanks to an integrated mounting bracket. The rooCASE branding is subtle and elegant without becoming too “in your face” and distracting.

The build quality is high although the leather exterior feels a bit too glossy for its “premium” claims. Is it real leather like the company states? It very well could be, but the texture doesn't match the quality found within my real-leather wallet or couch so I am a bit skeptical. This leather finish also attracts fingerprints easily which can be noticeable in certain lighting conditions (see photos). The interior plastic casing is your made up of your standard cheap plastic which would be a concern in most cases, but rooCASE made it thick enough that it should last without cracking or breaking under normal use.

The 360 Dual View Folio case won't add much bulk or unnecessary weight to your iPad Air although this comes at a cost in terms of protection. Given it's business appeal and feature-set, this isn't a “rugged” case and is not meant to be handled harsh elements or survive excessive abuse. The leather exterior will prevent scratches, dings, or small drops, but you will still need to be weary of accidental damage especially around water or any other dangerous element.

With the case is secured to an iPad Air, you still can still utilize all the various ports, speakers, microphones, cameras, switches, and buttons so there is no interference with accessibility. On the right side, you'll find a magnetic flap which functions as a latch to help secure the front cover to the back of the case while the iPad is not in use.

When the front cover is open, the backside has three business/credit card slots and rows of small rubber beads which are embedded into the microfiber lining. These beads are what allow the iPad to have adjustable viewing angles both in landscape and portrait mode. This type of flexibility is a nice feature as most competing models only offer 1-3 viewing angles which are predetermined for you. The business card or credit card slots are another nice addition to the case, but they are very difficult to utilize as the fabric is very tight so it is near impossible to get your card in.

I have tested this case for the past few weeks on my iPad Air and it has been a pleasing experience overall. The lack of any signification bulk or weight is one of the factors that I like most and the protection benefits are basic enough for my needs. Despite feeling a bit cheap, the leather finish is elegant and surely gives off a professional appeal. The material has held up well during the past few weeks of daily use as it shows no visible signs of wear and tear.

The 360-degree dual view concept is interesting and works fairly decently in the real world. Being able to remove the iPad from the 360-degree hinge and separate from the leather housing is a neat little feature although I don't know of any practical reason you'd need to do so. The adjustable viewing angle design has worked well in landscape mode, but it will sometimes slide out of place when in portrait mode as there isn't enough friction to hold it into place properly.

In the end, I was pleased with the rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio Case For iPad Air and it is a solid case for the price. While it may suffer from a few small downfalls, the leather finish offers a professional look coupled with plenty of protection from the everyday wear and tear that your iPad will endure over time. If you're looking for a solid iPad case without breaking the bank then the rooCASE 360 Dual View Folio Case should be an option to consider and I would recommend it to any prospective buyers.

  • I ordered Folio case for my iPad Air, and also immediately had it returned back to amazon. It simply didn’t fit perfectly with my iPad Air. I’m not sure if it’s just in my case or all the Folio case has this problem. Do you know it’s best alternative? I really like it’s design though.

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