Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank Review

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  • Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank offers an extra 10,400 mAh of portable battery life.

Mobile power accessories are now a thriving market in the tech world with almost all major accessory manufacturers taking a stab at their own variations. Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at the PB10400 Universal Power Bank designed by Naztech. With a current Amazon Price of just under $44, the PB10400 offers 5 USB ports and plenty of extra battery life thanks to the integrated 10400 mAh battery. We managed to get our hands on a sample while visiting the Naztech Booth at this year's CES 2014 so the rest of this review is based solely on our hands-on experience with the product and no outside influences have had any affect on the outcome of this review.

If you read our earlier review on Naztech's waterproof Vault case, you'd already know my first experiences with Naztech products has gotten off to a rather rough start. Since the last product from the company was such a disappointment, I didn't have high hopes for the PB10400 although I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Diving into the PB10400, it is a simple design with one side offering five separate USB inputs each ranging from an output of .5A ll the way up to 2.1A. On the opposite side, you'll find subtle Naztech branding, four LED indicators, an on/off button, and lastly a microUSB port for charging up the power bank's integrated battery. The build quality is exceptional with a hard gloss white exterior and durable build materials that closely reflect those found in Apple's genuine accessories. The USB ports are all mounted cleanly and appear to be secured tightly in place.

The only negative aspect when considering the design is the overall size and weight. While the 10400 mAh battery offers tremendous power storage, it does come at an expense which is the bulkier size and heavier weight than many competing models whom offer a smaller size due to their smaller power capacity.

I wouldn't say the PB10400 is ideal for someone who wants regularly carry around a power bank to charge on the go or simply as a precautionary measure since the PB10400 is too cumbersome to comfortably fit within a standard pants' pocket. It is more suitable for consumers who want to pack it in a suitcase, car, camper, or backpack for travel or “on the go” situations where it is there when you need it yet out of the way when you don't.

If you own multiple devices, you'll be happy to hear that you're able to charge multiple devices simultaneously, something that is a huge advantage over many competitors. There is a catch however as the 5 USB ports are not able to all be used at once. The power bank has a built-in mechanism that will cause it to shut off as soon as it detects more than 3.1AMP since that is the maximum output capacity. Therefore, you'll only be able to utilize 3 USBs at once (1A + 1A + .5A) and this configuration may cause slow charging speeds depending on the connected devices.

Bundled with the power bank is a Naztech branded storage case as well as a universal charging cable with 10 common charger adapters. I was disappointed to find out they did not a lightning adapter to cater to modern iOS devices although it does offer adapters for Android devices, the Nintendo DS, PSP, and older iPads/iPhones (30-Pin). According to the product packaging, the 10400 mAh battery supplies enough juice for an extra 12 hrs of tablet use, 144 hours of talk time on smartphones, and up to 520 hrs of extra music listening.

From my experience, the Naztech PB10400 performs exceptionally well and offers a tremendous amount of power on the go. Since I regularly travel with an iPad and 1-2 smartphones, this power pack has been ideal for throwing in my carry-on for airline travel or backpack on long distance drives. The 5 USB design is interesting as you're able to mix and match which USB ports to use in order to dictate your charging speed plus it supports devices of all battery sizes. The ideal charging configuration for my needs is accomplished by connecting my iPad Air to the 2.1A USB and my iPhone 5 to the standard 1A USB.

In the end, I found the Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank to be a stellar mobile power source that far exceeds its sub-$45 price tag. This device offers a unique design, exceptional build quality, and consistent performance that should cover any consumer's mobile power needs. The PB10400 is significantly bulkier than many competing models although the size increase is justified since the integrated 10400 mAh battery offers enough juice to charge multiple devices, multiple times. Given my positive experience, I would recommend the Naztech PB10400 to any potential buyers.

  • The pb10400 is not the ideal type of powerbank…

    I buy only this september 2016 and it is not working.. almost 1 month only..

    I dod not abuse of charging or what so ever.. very minimal of use and never been drop or exposed to direct heat..

    The powerbank didnt full charge anymore..even 12hrs of charging…
    I try to reset any any output supply given..

    So waste of money on this product..

    I will recommend this if you find ways to fix it.. thanks

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