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  • LifeProof iPhone 4/4s Case
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The LifeProof Case is virtually the best protection for your expensive iPhone.


With over 19% of Americans owning an iPhone a serious demand to protect the expensive device has risen. Many companies have developed their own take on a protective enclosure, but no one has been able to match the overall protection delivered from the people over at LifeProof. This is the first iPhone case that is fully weatherproof and shock absorbing so it will keep your iPhone functioning through even the worst possible conditions. Before we jump into the details we do want to make a serious note on this case. It has come to our attention that there have been many Chinese company have decided to knock off the LifeProof brand and model which DOES NOT stand up to the same standards. It has come to our attention that the vast majority of the LifeProof cases sold on Amazon are indeed fake. We highly suggest you buy your LifeProof case through a reputable retailer (such as the one linked on the button above or below) in order to guarantee you are receiving the optimal protection from the actual manufacturer without getting ripped off.  It is absolutely worth the extra $10 or $20 to get yourself a genuine case that had indeed been put through testing from LifeProof before you receive it.

Design & Build Quality

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It is evident from first glance that this case is well designed. It features high quality build materials and keeps your iPhone from looking too bulky. The exterior of the case seems to be fairly scratch resistant and durable enough to last through years of abuse. Since the case protects from so many different variables there is precautions in place to protect your internals without affecting the overall performance of the phone. For example, there is a double AR-coated optical glass lens that covers your stock camera lens allowing for your iPhone's camera to be functional in the rain, snow, or even underwater (to a depth of under 6.6 ft). There also is a removable “cork-like” seal for your headphone jack in order to keep water and debris from entering the internals of your device. It is also notable that due to the design of the bottom latch could affect those of you who rely on using aftermarket chargers that have a bulkier head to them since it is a tight fit with the slim Apple charger supplied with your iPhone. Unlike competitors such as the Otterbox, the case does not add much size or weight to the phone. We'd gladly take an extra 1.5mm of width in order to keep our device protected against the elements.

The following has been taken directly from their website:

To give you confidence to go everywhere with your LifeProof iPhone, iPod Gen4 and iPad we water test each and every case we make. Not only that, after the test an independent agent performs additional testing and even puts randomly selected cases through a second water test. We never ship a case unless it has been successfully tested.

This statement is music to our ears and emphasizes the amount LifeProof stands behind their products thus requiring top-notch quality for each of their customers.

Features & Function

The LifeProof case is the only case on the market currently that will protect from every type of element you may encounter. To give you a better idea here are some common dangers that are protected against when using the LifeProof case:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Grit
  • Mud
  • Water
  • Rain
  • Spilled Drinks
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Sleet
  • Cold
  • Drops
  • Knocks
  • Tumbles

In our experience this case is the real deal and stands up to the claims LifeProof promises. We tested the phone through several real life situations such as dropping the phone (from a height of 4-5 feet), spilling a drink, kicking dirt on the device, and putting it in the freezer for a short period of time. No matter what we put this phone through it performed its job correctly and we were satisfied customers. From our experience, the case also did not disrupt the phone's function or impede on it's convenience of use. The size and weight addition was not significantly noticeable and we received several remarks on the case from onlookers who were looking to pick one up themselves. Another selling point for this case in comparison to competitors is the vast array of color combinations you have available to you. Our test case was indeed pink, but I can attest that it was a elegant looking case all around and I'm sure the other colors would match this elegance.

Value for the Price 

Let's be honest, how many of you readers have at one time or another dropped your phone or had it fall off of a high surface? The vast majority of you should be raising your hands because at some point or another we are all vulnerable to the unfortunate accidents that often result in severe damage to your expensive device. So is it worth paying around $80 for a case for a phone that you bought for $200? In our opinion it is.

Heres our reasoning based on the available options in the event your iPhone is damaged:
(assuming the type of damage is not covered or out of warranty)

  • Buy a new iPhone = $649 from Apple to purchase an iPhone out of contract
  • Have someone repair your iPhone  = $30-$125 plus time spend without having your device
  • Purchasing protection plan  = $14.99/month for Best Buy's Black Tie protection plan (8 months of this service would have paid for the case purchase price)

Besides having the monetary loss that endures when your iPhone becomes damaged there are other implications that come into affect. Things such as lost data, phones, numbers, and files. When a phone becomes damaged by water all your personal files will be lost. Are you willing to allow yourself to be vulnerable to this? Do you value your phone's content enough to invest in the proper protection?

Finishing Thoughts

LifeProof hit a home run with this case and we believe it should be a mandatory purchase that the majority of iPhone users should make. This is the perfect accessory for active individuals who are often spending time outdoors whether it be swimming, biking, surfing, skiing, or running. We think of this purchase as an investment in our iPhone's purchase as well a stress saver since we are able to any horrible situations where our phone becomes damaged enough to lose all of our pictures, contacts, messages, and data.

Final Verdict:

We DO recommend that any prospective buyer purchase this case to protect their iPhones.

What Are Others Saying About The LifeProof Case?

…if you're someone who treats your phone roughly or has a tendency to drop it, the LifeProof may be the next best thing to paying for insurance for your iPhone.


All in all, my iPhone 4 was just as functional with the LifeProof case on, and the added bulk is fairly insignificant considering the vastly improved durability and protection. The case is unobtrusive enough to be an everyday case, and will add peace of mind for both the avid adventurer and clumsy city dweller.


The new standard for iPhone armor, and an adamantine chassis for the rest of the system

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  • Lifeproof cases suck. My son used his case with iPhone 4 while snorkeling and the phone got water damage and stopped working. My daughter dropped her iPhone 5 with Lifeproof case 2 feet and the screen shattered. Lifeproof claims they warranty the case but not the phone inside. This is a terrible policy since they claim the case will protect the phone from these types of damages. Lifeproof should be shut down by the department of consumer affairs.

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