iXCC Aftermarket Lighting Cable Review

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  • iXCC Aftermarket Lighting Cable
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The iXCC lighting cable provides owners of the newest iOS devices with an extra charging cable at an affordable price.

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Apple's decision to switch from their traditional 30-pin charging port to a lightning port was a drastic move that frustrated many iOS device owners who have stocked up on extra charging cables in the past. Since you cannot use your old 30-pin cables without buying an expensive adapter, it made these cables worthless in most cases. Alternatively, if you wanted to buy spare cables, you'd need to dish out $19 a piece for Apple's replacement lightning cables. I decided to give the cheaper aftermarket options a shot and promptly ordered two iXCC lightning cables for a reasonable price of $11 shipped from Amazon.

The cables arrived neatly packed in a cardboard enclosure and inside I found the two cables in separate bags. Examining each cable, I was surprised how spot on they look in comparison to the original Apple branded version. The build materials are very similar and I would expect them to last as long as the originals as long as you take care of them.


During my testing, they have worked excellent and charge my iPhone as I would expect with the traditional Apple branded cable. I did notice that the lightning portion of the cable did feel a bit more snug when plugged into my iPhone 5's charging port, but it wasn't significant enough to worry me. It does take a bit more of an effort to insert the cable, but once it is in it works perfectly.

In the end, I would suggest purchasing the iXCC lightning cable as they are nearly identical to the Apple branded cable, but you could buy 3 iXCC cables for less than the price of a single lightning cable from Apple. So far these cables have worked flawlessly and make my life much easier as I can leave multiple lightning cables around the house and replenish my iPhone 5's battery where it is most convenient for me. The design, build quality, and performance of these cables surpassed my expectations for their low price and I would recommend them to any prospective buyers.