Une Bobine For iPhone 5/5s Review – Lightning Charger With Flexible Stand

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  • Une Bobine Lightning Charger For iPhone 5/5s
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Une Bobine is a unique and versatile product used to charge Android and iOS devices.

We have reviewed several third-party charging accessories in the past, but today we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the most unique products in this market. It is called the Une Bobine and was created by company called Fuse Chicken. The Une Bobine differs from a traditional wired charger as it acts as both a dock and a charger by by way of an flexible stand that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The accessory comes in three variants: iPhone 4/4s (30-pin connector), iPhone 5/5s (Lightning connector, MFI Certified), and Android (MicroUSB). You can get the 30-pin and MicroUSB variations for a reasonable $19.95 although the Lightning version is priced at a rather steep $34.95. I would like to see the lightning variant dropped $5-15 lower to make it more affordable and on par with its lower-priced siblings.

To give you a bit of background on the Une Bobine, it originally started as a Kickstarter project back in 2012 (4/4s and Android versions only) and successfully raised over $212,000 with a goal of only $9,800. When Apple made the switch to a lightning port, Fuse Chicken ran yet another Kickstarter campaign which raised just over $21,000 with a goal of $20,000.

Fuse Chicken reached out to us for a review and did provide us with a demo unit to make this review possible. We take this review very seriously and have based the following review on our hands-on experience with our Une Bobine review unit. Rest assured, no outside sources or biased have had influence on the outcome of this review.

After unboxing the Une Bobine, I was impressed by the unique design and durable build quality. On one end of the cable you have a traditional USB connector and on the other end is a lightning connector which is integrated into a plastic dock. Between the two connectors is a wire although it is covered by a metal piping (referred to as a gooseneck) that is flexible and able to be conformed or coiled up into virtually any position. The gooseneck acts nearly identical to that found on the generic USB pop filter I bought for my Yeti microphone.

I quickly whipped out my iPhone 5s to give it a test and found the first downfall of this product. My OtterBox Symmetry case was not supported by the accessory as slight bulk to the back and bottom of the case kept my iPhone from properly seating within the cable's dock. Since this type of bulk is evident on most protective cases, it is safe to say the Une Bobine won't support most consumer iPhone cases and appears to have be designed for use with a bare iPhone.

Once I removed the case, I was able to dock my iPhone and use the Une Bobine as expected. Depending on your computer setup or where you're looking to utilize this accessory, the gooseneck allows you to adjust the stand's orientation to your specific needs. However, the stand is not able to support the weight of an iPhone in some instances so it does have limitations. It works best when you have a coil in the bottom as that gives you more support for the weight of your iPhone (see photos below for examples of what I mean).

I've found it most suitable for use on a desk as I have plenty of room to coil the cable into a sturdy manner and allows me to keep my phone mounted at eye level right next to my monitor. Fuse Chicken advertises that this product is perfect for in the car use such as for GPS viewing. From my experience, I wouldn't trust this product in the car as the vibrations and bumps that you'll endure on a ride can put your iPhone at risk of a potential fall. Considering the product doesn't support use with most protective cases, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Another use for this product is for iPhone photography/videography as the adjustable stand offers a steady tripod-like experience. If you're someone who like to Facetime often, you could easily mount this on a table or desk for hands-free Facetime calling.

In the end, I found the Une Bobine to be a cool charging accessory that offers a unique dock-like experience. The build quality and design are excellent although it does suffer from a few issues including lack of support for many consumer iPhone cases, it cannot support an iPhone's weight in some configurations, and the iPhone 5/s/c (lightning) version's price tag is a bit overpriced for my liking. Nonetheless, my experience with the Une Bobine was satisfying overall and I would recommend this product to anyone willing to spend the money for this type of functionality as long as you understand it has limitations and is most suitable for use with a bare iPhone on a stationary location like a desk or table top.

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