Evutec Karbon SP Series Case For iPhone 5/5s Review

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  • Evutec Karbon SP Series Case For iPhone 5/5s
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Evutec Karbon SP Series case features layers of Dupont Kevlar for optimal protection.


While I had never heard of the brand Evutec, I pleased to see they were offering a carbon fiber style iPhone 5/5s case for a reasonable price of $49.95. It is important to note that this case does not actually use carbon fiber, but instead the company opted for a stronger Kevlar material. Evutec has dual fused the kevlar in a way that portrays a sleek carbon fiber finish, but with greater performance when it comes to the case's overall strength and durability.

As of now, Evutec cases are available exclusively through the Apple Store so price competition is non-existent. We received a sample unit of their Karbon SP Series case for testing and this review is based solely from our hands on experience with the product.

Design & Build Quality

_H3A9470The Evutec features an ultra-sleek and attractive design that is a huge hit with consumers especially in the male demographic. It features a unique two piece design which maximizes the durability for such a slim design. It is made up of a removable shock-proof inner core which fits within the 0.7mm Kevlar outer shell. This type of design provides a robust structure and makes it easy to insert/remove your iPhone.

As you can likely tell from the photos, the build quality is exceptional and is on par with competitors whom are twice the price. The use of the Kevlar provides maximum durability as the Evutec website boasts it to be 5 times stronger than steel. The biggest advantage to this durability is that it doesn't bring on the unnecessary weight that many 2-piece competitors suffer from.

From a cosmetic standpoint, I am a huge fan of the Karbon's appeal and wouldn't change a thing. The matte carbon fiber finish looks stellar from all angles. Additionally, the Kevlar outer shell has a distinct feel to it and rubbing your fingers up and down the material you can feel the strands of Kevlar which are woven together. Some might worry that the TPU inner core would take away from the appeal of the carbon finish, but it is barely noticeable and doesn't diminish the beauty of the case. As for branding, there is a small Evutech logo engraved at the bottom of the Kevlar shell, but it is subtle enough where it doesn't compromise the overall look.


You won't find the advanced features in Evutech Karbon SP Series like you would in a LifeProof or OtterBox, but for the price you get a great deal of value on the dollar. As I stated earlier, the 2-piece design gives off a sleek, slim look while backing it up with robust protection and performance. While the case is equipped you still have full access all the iPhone's buttons and ports. Unlike some competitors, you can use any type of headphone whether it is Apple branded or aftermarket without the need for an adapter.

While the Kevlar is built to last in terms of structure, Evutech also integrated a scratch-resistant coating to help preserve the carbon fiber look and keep it from degrading over regular use. Additionally, since the build materials do not contain any metal properties, it will not affect GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular signals in any way.

The front of the case is open and offers open access to the home button so the Karbon SP Series works on both the iPhone 5 or 5s right out of the box and is compatible with the new Touch ID technology. This is a major concern for many iPhone 5s owners as the transition to Touch ID hindered the design of many iPhone 5 cases and required manufacturers to make a separate iPhone 5s version.

One downfall of the case is that it doesn't provide any screen protection, but you can easily combat this by investing a couple of dollars into an adhesive screen protector. On the other hand, the case does have a slight ridge on the front of the case similar to Apple's bumper which will let you lay the phone face down on most surfaces without screen being touched.


I equipped Evutec Karbon SP Series Case on my iPhone 5 for a two week period and came to a few conclusions. One is that the build materials are as solid as they look and the case showed virtually no wear after consistent daily use. This goes to show the scratch-resistant coating was well worth it and did its job effectively.

Secondly, the case is slim and light so I didn't notice the added bulk or heft that is typically present for the first few days of getting used to a new case. It fits easily within your pant's pocket and the Kevlar material grips your hand nicely to help avoid accidental drops. The case secures tightly to my device yet inserting for removing an iPhone is simple and takes only a few seconds.


While using the case in public, it received a lot of attention from my friends and fellow iPhone enthusiasts. They were all impressed at the feel and design of the Karbon SP Series and most of them were blown away by the affordable price tag.


Overall, I found the Evutec Karbon SP Series case for the iPhone 5/5s is an all around solid product that provides some real value at its given price-point. While it doesn't come packed with all the bells and whistles that you'll see in $80+ cases, it still features a slim & lightweight design, high quality build materials, an appealing carbon fiber finish, and a unique two piece design that provides excellent durability. If you're looking to invest some money into a solid iPhone 5/5s case that looks great and doesn't suffer from unnecessary bulk then the Evutec Karbon SP Series is a purchase that I would highly recommend.

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