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  • ChargerCity Adjustable Smartphone Tripod Mount
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The ChargerCity Smartphone Mount helps ensure steady and professional shots using a tripod.



Smartphones have come a long way in the past 5 years and are slowly becoming out go to devices for virtually all situations. Since the inception of the camera phone, there has been a growing threat to replace traditional digital cameras thus eliminating the need to carry around multiple devices to accomplish the same job. Newer devices such as the iPhone 5 which shoots full 1080P video now is making a serious threat to traditional video cameras. What is the downfall? Small devices like the iPhone 5 are extremely hard to stabilize and maneuver while taking video footage using your hands. On top of that natively the iPhone has no way to connect to a tripod, slider, monopod, or steady cam. The ChargerCity Adjustable Smartphone Tripod Mount provides an affordable solution to this problem allowing the user to securely mount their iPhone or competing smartphone to their intended accessory quickly and easily.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the ChargerCity Smartphone Mount is relatively simple, but well thought out. There are only a few pieces that come together to comprise the mount. The bottom piece includes the 1/4-20 connection socket that you see on almost all modern tripod, monopod and camera mounting accessories. This allows it to be easily be connected or disconnected from virtually any quick release plate you may encounter. This piece connects to a ball joint like you often see used on GPS unit mounts allowing you to maneuver the device in multiple angles. The ball joint is a bit stiff to adjust, but this helps it stay so stable during filming. The top piece is the one that connects to your phone using a spring mechanism that adjusts to your smartphone's width. Keep in mind the max width is 2.75″ wide. This is large enough for me to use my iPhone 5 while still enclosed in the bulky Otterbox Defender case. Like the ball joint, the spring mechanism is stiff, but again this is extremely important because it will keep your device attached securely in all situations. In front of the ball mechanism you will see a padded button like piece which acts as an anti-shock cushioned reinforcement that keeps your device from moving positions as well as added protection.

The build quality is fairly well, but I did mark it down a bit because frankly it does show in comparison it's affordable price tag. The bottom piece (that connects to the tripod) is made of hard plastic and should give you no issues. However the spring mechanisms and top pieces are relatively weak in terms of build materials so you will want to take precautions that you drop the product or store it improperly . I would have been disappointed in the quality if the mount was priced at $30 or more, but given the price point it is fitting and reasonable. My rational for a product that is cheap and works as well as this is that if it were to break it for some reason or another I'll just spend the extra $13 bucks and buy a replacement.


I was incredibly surprised the first time I hooked my iPhone to this mount since I did not expect it to function as well as it did. My phone feels extremely snug and secure when placed within the mount and I do not have to worry that the device will slip out while in use or while being transported from shot to shot. The compatibility with the various smartphones and camera accessories are superb. There are not many of either you will find that this product does not support. The stiffness in adjustment can take a little getting used to, but by no means is a huge issue. I'd rather take security and piece of mind than having to put a bit more muscle into adjusting it just right.

For some brief testing, I hooked my iPhone 5 up to my video tripod and took some test shots. I decided to bring it outside where the cold December air and fairly gusty winds would test it's stability when put in use. The mount weathered the elements just fine and I did not have any doubts that it was going to drop my phone. The adjustments allow for a huge variety of angles when hooked to a tripod and will allow you to cater your shot to your needs quickly and easily.

IMG_0345 IMG_0348

Another really neat use for this device is for taking panoramic photos with iOS 6. Since they enabled the panoramic setting, I have struggled to keep my arms steady enough to come out with a perfect end result. Luckily when hooked to my video tripod and using it to pan slowly I am able to capture a perfect panoramic time after time (examples are above). This is not something I thought of when I first received the product, but it is something I will likely use it for a lot in the future.

Final Thoughts

The ChargerCity Adjustable Smartphone Tripod Mount is a great little accessory that can be very useful for capturing video or panoramic shots with your iPhone or competing device. It is affordably priced and does what it was designed to do extremely well. As long as you take good care of the accessory it should last a while. If you are someone looking to take a more serious approach to capturing video or stills with your smartphone or you'd like to take amazing panoramic shots like I now can, then this should be an easy buy. I highly recommend this mount and it is something that I can reply on keeping hold of my $600 smartphone without the any worries.

I'd like to thank ChargerCity for providing us with a review sample.

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