Carved Wood Skin For iPhone 5/5s Review – 100% Real Wood Adhesive Skin

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  • Carved Wood Skin For iPhone 5/5s
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Carved Wood Skin for iPhone 5/5s features 100% real wood and a no-residue adhesive coating.


A few weeks back, we reviewed the Carved Wood iPhone 5/5s Case and were impressed with the high quality, U.S. made accessory. The team at Carved also sent us a test unit of their wood skin for the iPhone 5/5s which differs as it is held to the front and back of the iPhone by an adhesive coating instead of clipping in like their traditional wood case. The skins come in a variety of finishes and designs (our sample had a solid Walnut finish) which can be purchased for $19-$49 via Amazon as the price varies on your desired finish or design .


The product came packaged nicely in a branded envelope and gave off a positive first impression to the consumer. After removing the front and back pieces of the skin from the envelope, the pieces felt rather flimsy and weak. This makes sense however as the material is a thinly cut piece of wood which gains its strength once it is properly attached to a strong base (the front and back of your iPhone). The materials feel a bit less natural than their wood case likely due to their “unique finish” which is sprayed on to the skins. Personally, this wasn't a huge factor to me as it still looks like real wood since it is real wood. However for some people who want the more authentic feel, I think the wood case does a better job encompassing this attribute.

In order to apply the skins to your iPhone, the process is rather simple. Remove the plastic backing, align the skin, then press down firmly. You can see an example photos of this process being done below:

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.42.20 PM
How To Apply Wood Skin To iPhone (Source:

It is important that you take your time aligning the skin as a rushed job could leave you with an awkward look and you could potentially lose access to the iPhone's camera/flash feature or home button.  I will admit, I'm not the best at applying these types of products so my alignment on the back of my phone was near perfect, but the front alignment was just slightly off (a millimeter or less) to one side. This did not affect performance and it was barely noticeable unless you looked very closely.

Aesthetically, the Carved Wood Skin is spot on and extremely pleasing to the eye. The combination of both the front and back skins gives it a killer look and I had multiple people ask me how I got a “wooden iPhone”. Most of them couldn't believe this sleek of an appearance came from an aftermarket skin.


When the skin is applied to your iPhone, the wood material feels much more solid and has a nice “grippy” feel to it. Similar to their wood case, the skin is not meant to offer much in terms of features or protection, but instead is designed with the appeal factor in mind. Having said this, you need to realize buying this type of skin will not help keep your iPhone safe from accidental drops or falls and does not have a screen protector. It will however prevent your iPhone from getting any scratches on the body when placed on a table or other potentially rough surface.

The sides of your iPhone are indeed left completely open and will take be susceptible to significant damage in a worst case scenario. You do have the option to buy a “bumper” case  which will protect the sides of your device while the Carved Wood Skin takes care of the front and back. The choice is up to you although those who are clumsy or accident prone are likely better off investing in a more suitable case like the LifeProof or Otterbox.


It is important to note, when I received the sample of this product, iOS 7 and the new iPhone 5s model were not released yet. As you can see in the photos, my skin was made for an iPhone 5 only and does not come cut for the iOS 7 bottom swipe functionality (though this function still worked fine) or the enlarged home button opening (for iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor). However, any new orders of this product should come with this new design and the Carved team has announced that they are in the process of redesigning the back skin to be compatible with the iPhone 5s flash.

In the end, I found the Carved Wood Skin for iPhone 5/5s to be an interesting approach to protecting your iPhone 5 that uses 100% real wood and manufactured in the USA. The unique design sacrifices protection in exchange for an appeal factor which in this situation pays off. The case is stylish and turns heads in public therefore suiting its purpose, but those of you who are expecting superior protection or advanced features will want to look at a more rugged case. Overall, I would highly recommend the Carved Wood Skin to any prospective buyers who are looking for this type of product and understand its limitations.

Special thanks to Carved for providing us with a sample to make this review possible!