Carved Wood iPhone 5/5s Case Review

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$24 to $49
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  • Carved Wood iPhone 5/5s Case
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Carved iPhone 5/5s cases are made in the U.S.A. with 100% real wood.


There is a great deal of competitors squaring off in the mobile accessories market especially when it comes to iPhone cases. There are different categories of iPhone cases mainly segmented by the needs of the consumers who seek them. For example, some consumers would rather sacrifice a slim, lightweight, & appealing design for rugged features like shock absorption or weatherproof qualities (aka LifeProof or Otterbox). On the other hand, there are consumers like myself whom would rather take the risk of less protection and settle for a more affordable, sleeker case that boasts its beauty more than its level of protection. There is where the Carved series of iPhone 5 cases steps in and truly shines.


IMG_8248The Carved real wood cases for the iPhone 5/5s are priced from $24-49 depending on the wood finish you choose as well as the design (if any) that is engraved. The case features a thin, but real layer of wood which takes up the majority of its rear design. This piece of wood is inlaid in your choice of a clear or matte black plastic casing which securely snaps around the sides of your phone providing access to all necessary buttons and ports as well as protecting the edges from dents, dings, any scratches. As you'd expect you'll find a cutout on the rear of the case to accommodate your iPhone's camera/flash in which you have the option of choosing a white or black trim. Adding in the fact that this case is hand-crafted in the U.S. (Eckhart, Indiana to be exact), it's tough to not be sold on a product like this.

Our sample wood case was in the sleek “Black Limba” finish that is one of the most appealing out of the assortment of finishes they offer from my opinion. As for the other components, our sample included a clear plastic casing and white trim. As for the visual appeal of this case it is definitely at the top of my list and it's not often you'll see a case this stunning especially at such a low price. If I were to pick out my ideal component options, I probably would have gone with black plastic coupled with the black trim just to match my black iPhone 5 better, but this is just a personal preference and the clear/white combo is more than suitable.


It is very clear the wood is genuine and it has the same look, feel, and texture that you'd expect from a real piece of wood. As much as this is a positive, there is a downside to the use of this real wood. The durability factor in a piece of wood this thin is somewhat of a concern mainly due to it being rather weak which means it is easy to dent or mark up if you are not careful. Fortunately, the nice thing about a finish like Black Limba is that although I do have a few dents in the wood, you can't notice them 99% of the time as they blend into the wood finish easily.

IMG_8322This Carved series of wood cases are designed more for the cosmetic appeal factor and for that, the team at Carved has really nailed the execution. However when it comes to protection, the wood cases are not the most forgiving. For someone who is careful handling their devices and rarely drops their phone then this case will protect your the sides and rear of your iPhone from the scratches and small dents that can occur from daily use. However it does not offer any protection for your screen and likely won't be of much help if you were to drop the phone from a significant height, especially if it were to land on a hard surface like concrete. Though the plastic edges allow for easy insertion/removal, I wouldn't be surprised to see it crack if dropped from the right angle. I think for the average consumer's needs this design is more than adequate, but I wouldn't recommend this to someone who is clumsy and would be better suited for a rugged case.

In the end, I found the Carved Wood iPhone 5/5s case to be a great accessory that is well-executed and can be a real conversation starter. Hand-crafted in the U.S., the case embodies natural beauty by utilizes 100% genuine wood material offered in a variety of sleek finishes. The Carved Wood cases are not very forgiving when it comes to drops or accidents so you'll still need to be careful with your device, but it will protect against the unavoidable wear and tear that cause scratches and dents through daily use. From my experience, I am pleased with the Carved Wood iPhone 5/5s case and would recommend it to any prospective buyers.

Special thanks to Carved for providing a sample to make this review possible!