Bracketron PHV-202-BL Grip-iT Mount Review

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  • Bracketron PHV-202-BL Grip-iT Mount
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Bracketron PHV-202-BL Grip-iT Mount provides an easy way to mount your smartphone or GPS.


As we all know, attempting to operating a vehicle  while messing around with your cellphone can be means for a very dangerous situation. This is where a product like the Bracketron Grip-It Mount comes into play as it provides visual and physical access to your phone without obstructing your driving and can help avoid many distractions that could potentially occur. I originally bought a similar Bracketron mount from a local Best Buy a few years back and it lasted several years of use before ultimately breaking a couple of months ago. I saw the PHV-202-BL mount for under $10 on Amazon and couldn't resist the price tag so I decided to pick another up and compile this review in the process.


After unboxing the Grip-It mount, my first impression was disappointment. The earlier Bracketron model I owned was built with a solid material, but also was more expensive at a price tag of around $30-40. Unfortunately, this PHV-202-BL model suffered from a cheap and somewhat flimsy build quality that I had not anticipated. Though disappointing, I have to keep in mind that I paid less than $10 shipped for this mount and that it is still sturdy enough to function properly as long as I am careful not to put too much stress on it.

IMG_8061This mount is as highly adjustable as my previous model and can be adjusted in a variety of different ways including swiveling, tilting, turning, extending, and compressing. The ball-joint is an advantage to this mount's design and is a major selling-point for me personally. The adjustable arms can be extended from 1.5″ all the way out to 4.5″ which will accomodate nearly all smartphones and most GPS models, but will not support larger tablets such as the iPad, Kindle Fire HD, or Sony Nexus 7.

Installing the mount within my new Audi Q5 was a bit tougher than expected. First off, pay attention to where your car's air vents are located prior to purchasing as you want to make sure your aware of what your options in terms of the positioning of this mount. Without access to an air vent, this mount is indeed useless.

IMG_8103When I installed my older Bracketron mount, I was in a larger SUV with large air vents so the process was simple. This time around, the Q5's vents are a bit tighter and more compact which made it more difficult to properly mount it to the air vent. With a bit of finagling and some patience, I was able to secure the mount to the air vent and was good to go.

The mount fits my iPhone 5 with an Otterbox Defender case without any issues though the weight of the phone/case combo did require me to tighten the ball-joint assembly in the rear of the mount. Once I dialed it in correctly, the mount allows me to keep my phone within view and secure while still keep both hands on the wheel. If you do not have Bluetooth or hands-free calling support for your car (my Q5 does, but my older SUV didn't), I've found the Bracketron works great with the iPhone's speakerphone. This gives you the ability to talk handsfree without the need to invest in any aftermarket accessories.


In the end, I found the Bracketron PHV-202-BL Grip-iT Mount to be a worthwhile accessory for anyone looking to mount a smartphone, GPS, or other mobile device in their car. The build quality is weak, but its adjustable design and low price make this product a reasonable buy. I do recommend this product to any prospective buyers and I will continue to use mine for as long as it lasts. If it were to break, I would likely be willing to buy another as a replacement due to it being priced so cheap.