ARKON MG279 Smartphone Mount Review

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  • ARKON MG279 Smartphone Mount
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The ARKON MG279 Smartphone Mount offers a secure mounting solution for virtually any size smartphone.

ARKON brands themselves as the “mobile mounting specialists” so today we are going to take a look at their MG279 smartphone mount which currently retails for $19.95 on Amazon. ARKON sent a sample unit for review, but rest assured this review is based solely on our hands on experience with the product and no outside influences had any affect on the outcome of this review. The packaging is rather basic, but is suited well for the low price-point. After unboxing the mount, there is minimal assembly required although it is easy to follow and does not require any tools.

Once properly assembled, the ARKON MG279 is ready for use with your smartphone. The bottom suction cup is similar to that found in the previously reviewed iOttie One Touch Smartphone Mount so it features both suction functionality in addition to an adhesive coating that helps to secure the mount to your surface of choice (both smooth and textured surfaces). This allows you to use the mount on your dashboard or the windshield (I prefer the dashboard). Included in the package is an optional 3M mounting disk which comes in handy for use on tough mounting surfaces.

The mechanism that holds your device on the mount is ARKON's Mobile Grip 2 Universal Smartphone Holder. It offers a full 360-degree rotation although the suction mount arm only can just adjusted vertically. This type of flexibility is nice while on the road as you can use your smartphone in both a portrait or landscape orientation depending on your needs at that time (playing music, using navigation, Siri, etc.)

Throughout my testing period, the Mobile Grip 2 Universal Smartphone Holder held both my iPhone 5s and Nexus 5 with ease although the lack of a similar system to iOttie's “one touch mounting system” was a big downfall when comparing the two similarly priced mounting solutions. Inserting and removing your device into the MG279 isn't that difficult, but it isn't nearly as smooth of a transition as the similarly priced iOttie mount.

After using both the ARKON MG279 and the iOttie One Touch Smartphone Mount, I'd have to choose the iOttie. Although the ARKON MG279 puts up a solid fight, the iOttie's “one touch mounting system” gives it a significant advantage as the insertion ands removal of your smartphone into the mount is much more fluid and convenient than that of the ARKON. There were no major flaws to keep me from recommending the ARKON MG279 to any prospective buyers, I'd just rather spend the same amount on a slightly better smartphone mount which in this case is the iOttie.

  • It seems you have missed two advantages over the iOttie, namely the possibility to take photos while on the mount due to its small mobile grip holder and the industry-standard 1/4”-20 threaded camera mounting pattern which allows it to be mounted on any tripod (useful for taking pictures).

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