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LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb Review

The LIFX Color 1000 is a smart LED lightbulb that is affordable enough for most consumer's budgets. Get The Best Price On A LIFX Color 1000 Smart LED Bulb A year and a half ago, we wrote a review on LIFX's second generation smart LED bulb, and while we had a positive experience overall, it still struggled to keep up with the market leading Phillips Hue in regards to size, energy consumption, and price-point. Six months later, the company released their updated Color 1000 which was said to improve upon all of these areas, so it's time we evaluate our LIFX-supplied...

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LIFX WiFi Enabled LED Light Bulb Review

The LIFX LED light bulb offers advanced Wi-Fi control at home or while away. Get The Best Price On A LIFX WiFi Enabled Smart LED Bulb The “Internet of Things” is in full swing, and many of our regular household items are now becoming “smart” enabled for added convenience. Phillips introduced their line of WiFi enabled LED light bulbs back in 2012 and soon after many companies followed suit bringing their renditions in the market. LIFX is one of a growing list of electronics companies whose story starts with a successful KickStarter campaign where they sought to raise $100,000 in...

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