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Autonomous ErgoChair Review

The Autonomous ErgoChair is an ergonomic office chair affordable enough for most consumers. Get The Best Price On An Autonomous ErgoChair I often stress to consumers who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk for work or leisure that investing in ergonomic office furniture will pay for itself in the long run simply through the health benefits. In the past, we have covered sit/stand desks from The Human Solution and BDI as well as a high-end office chair by Herman Miller but these items are often too expensive for our readers who remain on a tight budget. In...

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BDI Sequel Lift Desk 6052 Review – A High-End Sit/Stand Desk For An Affordable Price

The BDI Sequel Lift Desk is a high-end sit/stand desk for an affordable price. Get The Best Price On A BDI Sequel Lift Sit/Stand Desk In the world of ergonomic office furniture, some of the hottest products right now are sit/stand desks. There are many models offered on the market, and it can be difficult to choose correctly as varying build qualities typically differentiate the higher priced models from the lower end ones. We recently were reached out to by BDI, a well-known designer of contemporary home furnishings, who gave us an opportunity to test out their new Sequel Lift desk....

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UPLIFT 900 Sit/Stand Ergonomic Desk Review

The UPLIFT 900 is an affordable sit/stand desk option with competitive features. Get The Best Price On An Uplift 900 Sit/Stand Desk I'm a firm believer that it is just important to invest in your workstation's furniture as it is to invest in the technology that is used while at it. When you spend so much time at a single location for work purposes, adding comfort and versatility to your life is proven to boost productivity as well as help keep you healthier over time. My first non-tech investment in my workstation was my Herman Miller Embody chair that...

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Herman Miller Embody Office Chair Review

 The Herman Miller Embody is an ergonomic office chair designed for maximum comfort. Get The Best Price On A Herman Miller Embody In the world we live in, it is common for us to be sitting down for the vast majority of our day whether on a chair, couch or bench. Our bodies were not designed to withstand extended periods in such a stagnant position thus resulting in many health issues related to this occurrence. These can range from back pain to poor posture, soreness, cramps, stretch marks, weight gain, and even a higher risk of heart disease and cancer....

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