All things smart home, this section will cover all sorts of products and services designed for consumer households. These can range from electric skateboards all the way to cable/satellite TV providers, smart locks, smart thermostats, security cameras, mattresses, smart doorbells, sit/stand desks, smart lighting, massage chairs and more.

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Sling TV Review – Affordable, No-Contract Live TV Streaming

Sling TV is a service for live streaming of popular TV networks with no long-term commitment. The Internet has become so dominant that it is quickly changing the way society consumes their media and is slowly driving traditional resources out of business. Newspapers and magazines were the first to fall victim to the Internet's reign,


LIFX WiFi Enabled LED Light Bulb Review

The LIFX LED light bulb offers advanced Wi-Fi control at home or while away. The “Internet of Things” is in full swing, and many of our regular household items are now becoming “smart” enabled for added convenience. Phillips introduced their line of WiFi enabled LED light bulbs back in 2012 and soon after many companies


Kwikset Kevo Review – Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt

The Kevo by Kwikset adds keyless entry to your home via a Bluetooth deadbolt. The evolving world of technology has taken on a significant role in the way traditional consumer home products are approached. Home automation is on the rise, and the mobile devices integration to communicate with the physical world around us is a focus that many manufacturers


Dyson DC59 Animal Review – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson's DC59 Animal is a cordless vacuum designed specifically for cleaning pet hair. Dyson has been innovating the household electronics market with their unique product offerings ever since the company's inception back in 1993. While their line of products are positioned within the higher end of the market, most consumers choosing the cheaper alternatives to

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Q-See QT534 Surveillance System Review

Q-See's QT534 Surveillance System offers increased home security at an affordable price. With technology improving so rapidly over the past decade, the cost of an entry-level video surveillance system has decreased tremendously and now the market offers the ability to buy a full system for well under $500. Since I have recently acquired my first home,


ARRIS / Motorola SB6121 SURFboard Cable Modem Review

Motorola's SB6121 Cable Modem offers excellent performance at an affordable price. If you're currently subscribing to a cable service provider, chances are you're probably paying a premium fee to rent a cable modem each month without not even realizing it. The problem with this situation is that you're likely renting an entry-level modem and overpaying

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5 Reasons Why You Should Link Your Bank Account To Your Paypal

Paypal has become the go-to service in terms of sending and receiving online payments. Lots of websites list Paypal as a method of payment and many small business websites use Paypal as their only method of payment. Signing up for a Paypal account is free and easy, but you should know that linking your bank

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How To Get A Free Or Discounted Amazon Prime Account

Amazon Prime is an excellent subscription service that allows frequent Amazon customers to receive free 2 day shipping as well as many other benefits which I have outlined in a previous article ‘3 reasons why you should sign up for Amazon Prime'. If you've never been an Amazon Prime customer before there are several ways

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Mashup: 20 Cool Home Office Setups

Do you work from home or just want ideas for a cool home office setup? We have scoured the web searching for examples and ideas of the best home office setups and compiled them in this very article below. Enjoy! (note: these are in no particular order) 1. Four Monitor Workstation Goodness 2. Enter the