Plantronics Gamecom X10 Headset Review

The Plantronics Gamecom X10  is an affordable and durable aftermarket Xbox 360 headset.

Plantronics Gamecom X10 Features

  • Plush cushioning shields your head from the ravages of wee-hour gaming sessions
  • Over-the-head design holds firm during impromptu victory dances
  • With single-ear cushion, you can flame online enemies and hear the hushed, reverential tributes of envious onlookers
  • Extended boom repels pesky peripheral game noise
  • Inline volume and mute put you in the driver's seat


I was recently in the market for a replacement Xbox 360 headset after my original one was victim to my new puppy. I was still using the original white headset I received when I bought my 360. I was bummed to find out they only offered the newer black Microsoft 360 headset (the black ones are lower quality than the original white ones from my opinion) at my local Best Buy for $20! I knew there had to be a cheaper replacement that was still of a high quality so I began my search online. After reading reviews and scanning competitors I chose the Plantronics Gamecom X10.

Upon receiving the item and putting it to use I must say I am absolutely satisfied with this headset. It is sleek and attractive while maintaining a high build quality. I can see this headset lasting for the next 2-3 years with no issues. It fits snug on my head and the ear padding is more comfortable than my previous headset. When it comes to performance the headset works flawlessly with loud audio output as well as crisp voice input. I have had no complaints while using this mic with friends and they have actually commented on how clear my voice is with the new mic. The only complaint I might have with this headset is that the cord is noticeably shorter than the Microsoft headsets. It doesn't affect its performance and frankly isn't a huge deal in my opinion, but some people might not like this aspect. Overall, I definitely recommend this headset to anyone looking for a replacement to their original Microsoft one.