Sync By 50 Cent Headphones Review

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  • Sync By 50 Cent Headphones
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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Sync By 50 is the new set of high-end headphones coming from the rap icon 50 Cent.

Technical Specifications

Product Features

  • Wireless
  • Professionally tuned Digital EQ
  • 16-bit lossless Digital Sound
  • 50′ Range
  • Sync up to 4 users from one music source

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Sms Audio
  • Model: SMS-WS-BLK
  • Color Name: Black
  • Item Weight: 3 pounds


First there was Dr. Dre's signature “Beats” headphone series and now another rap mogul 50 Cent is stepping into the mix. The real question is can his product compete with the likes of the big names such as Bose, Skull candy, and Beats by Dre? This is the thought on many people's minds and here we are going to try to get to the bottom of it.

Design, Look, and Build Quality

The Sync by 50 headphones are easily one of the most cosmetically appealing set of high-end headphones I have ever seen. Both the white and black models are stunning and are truly a piece of eye candy. The Sync model fits very comfortably and the weight of the headphones is distributed evenly throughout the design. The build material is durable and long-lasting so they are in no means cheaply made (which is expected for the price tag).

Audio & Bass Quality

The audio quality from the Sync headphones are very pleasing. They are suitable for listing to any genre of music as well as supplying audio for portable devices such as DVD players or tablets like the iPad. Watching a movie with these headphones is an amazing experience as they make you feel as though you are really there. We were content with the sound quality and range of the bass with these headphones. Sometimes company focus too much on the bass portion and lesser on the actual quality of the tones and other sounds. The Sync's overall sound quality matches the bass quality perfectly without having the bass becoming too much of an overwhelming factor in your listening experience.

Wireless Capabilities

As you likely know these headphones are the only high-end wireless over ear headphones on the market. Since the wireless headphone technology is fairly new we weren't expecting too much in terms of sound quality from a wireless signal. We were surprised to see that we were quite wrong. The Sync's audio transmission was crystal clear and you wouldn't be able to tell it was transmitting wirelessly without knowing it. What was even more surprising was the distance that we were able to keep this audio transmission was rather impressive. We were able to keep a steady signal of clear audio up to 30 feet of range without any issues.

What are others saying about the Sync By 50 Cent Headphones?

So I recommend these to anyone that is looking for crystal clear sound and wants to take advantage of the wireless feature and get their moneys worth.
– TJ (Amazon Reviewer)

While the Syncs offer a much richer array of features than other musician-backed headphones, they’re also missing top-shelf basics like active noise canceling.

These are comfortable headphones and it's obvious that they are well-made. The sound is rich and full and frankly quite impressive.
– HardyBoy64 (Amazon Reviewer)

SMS needs to lower the inflated price tag and re-evaluate the hardware design before I can recommend these to active listeners.

Tried the Bose, the Beats, and the Souls. This is by far the superior set of headphones. The wireless reach is incredible.
-Sinohe K. Terrero (Amazon Reviewer)

Do we recommend the Sync by 50 headphones?

If you are buying them for their wireless capability then they are a solid buy, if you do not need the wireless then spend your money on Beats or Bose instead.