Sony Bravia KDL-55EX640 LED HDTV Review

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  • Sony Bravia KDL-55EX640 LED HDTV
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX640 provides a large 55″ screen and Smart TV functionality.

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The Sony Bravia KDL-55EX640 is a popular option for consumers who are looking for a large HDTV with Smart TV capabilities at an affordable price. The TV boasts some impressive specifications and comes from a reputable company such as Sony. Currently priced at $1,298, this TV is considered to be at a medium price point with the lower end of comparable 55″ Smart TVs coming in the $800 range and the high-end models priced around $2k. It is important to keep in mind that though this review is based on hands on use with the KDL-46EX460, this review is still relevant for those of you looking at the Sony KDL-40EX640 or Sony KDL-46EX640. The only difference between the EX640 models is the screen sizes as the rest of the technical specifications are identical.

7When it comes to looks this TV is awesome looking, but does not differ all that much from the the EX series of the previous year. The TV utilizes Edge LED technology which allows the screen to stay ultra slim and sleek. The finish of the bezel appears to look as if it is made of carbon fiber which is appealing and original compared to the typical glossy black that most competing models offer. As for the base, it is a standard black rectangular stand that is on a swivel for easy adjustment on the fly. If you prefer, you have the ability to ditch the base altogether and opt to use VESA standard 300mm x 300mm wall-mount instead.

This particular model harnesses a large 55″ 1080P LED screen and Motionflow XR 240 to serve you crisp and vivid pictures no matter how fast the action is. Don't expect any 3-D technology to be coming out of this screen as there is no 3-D support offered. It utilizes a ‘Clear Resolution Enhancer' which is code for Sony's advanced noise reduction algorithm that will break down fuzzy images and provide increased clarify and sharpness to your image. There is a multitude of inputs found within the sides and the rear of the KDL-55EX640 which is convenient for anyone looking to hook up multiple external accessories such as a cable box, gaming system, or Blu-Ray player. This is a Smart TV therefore providing the ability to access the Sony Entertainment Network (aka SEN). Through this network you are able to use Internet applications like Netflix or Hulu Plus for live streaming of your favorite TV shows or movies without any extra effort.

4It is important to keep in mind that since the Wi-Fi is not built-in like Sony's HX models, you will have to dedicate one of the two USB ports entirely to the included adapter if you plan on utilizing Wi-Fi instead of opting to hardwire through the rear Ethernet port. The included remote is of a traditional design and does not include a QWERTY keyboard like the Samsung UN46D7000. This makes the use of the Smart TV features less comfortable and a dreadfully slow process to have to type everything in letter by letter. I'd much rather prefer a QWERTY keyboard and for the price honestly I expected one to be included.


In terms of performance, this TV will satisfy the majority of consumers. The picture is decent quality though it isn't as top notch as some of the others that we have put to the test. There is a good amount of image settings, but I found tweaking them was a bit difficult as it was not the simplest to locate within the menus.  The black levels are better than average and the shadow detail is on par with some competing models. When it comes to the color saturation, I was impressed and found it to be very accurate.  Here and there I found a bit of spotlighting and uneven backlighting, but the amount of times that it was really noticeable was minimal and the average person probably wouldn't even recognize it. The sound is mediocre like most HDTVs and you'll probably want to get an external sound system if your a big into having a high quality audio experience.

Overall, I found the Sony KDL-55EX640 to be a suitable choice for a 55 inch Smart TV in this medium price range and it is a good deal compared to some of Sony's other models. Most of the flaws we picked up in our testing won't even be noticeable to the average consumer so in most cases this TV should be suitable for your needs.  If you decide this is not the right TV model for you then I suggest taking a look at either the VIZIO M3D470KDE or the Samsung UN55ES6500.