B&H Photo Selling SmallHD 701/702 Lite At $300 Off (24-Hour Sale)

If you are a frequent consumer of photo and video gear, you can score often score some serious savings when shopping through B&H Photo's DealZone promotions. Each day, a new product is added at a steep discount for a 24-hour period before it expires.

Today's DealZone promotion is the newly released SmallHD 701 Lite ($399) and 702 Lite ($599). The only difference between these two models is the 701 Lite only has HDMI ports whereas the 702 Lite has both HDMI and SDI support. Don't mix this up with the higher end SmallHD 702 Bright model which we reviewed in the past which harnesses a brighter, higher resolution panel.

If you are looking for a solid monitor at an affordable price, the 701 or 702 Lite is an excellent investment that should last for many years to come. By utilizing the innovative Page Builder OS, you get the chance to setup custom “pages” within the interface with specific tools for things like white balance, framing, focus, exposure and more.

Unfortunately, this deal expires in six and a half hours from now so act fast if you are looking to score a couple hundred dollars in savings on a stellar field monitor.