Western Digital My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive Review

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  • Western Digital My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The WD My Passport 2TB  external hard drive gives you an incredible amount of storage on the go.

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Owning an external hard drive in this day and age should be mandatory and backing up important files needs to be done regularly to ensure that the loss of critical data is not possible. Western Digital has recognized this need and developed the My Passport series which are external hard drives that are extremely portable and easy to carry in your purse, backpack, briefcase, or fanny pack (if you happen to be able to pull one off!).

For this review, I will be taking a “hands on” look at the 2 Terabyte version of the Western Digital My Passport external hard drive that retails for around $150. The device can be found in most major electronics retailers, though the best prices can be found at the button above or at the bottom of this review for your convenience.

Upon unboxing the device I was impressed with the design and build quality. Since this model is offered in multiple color options I chose the silver one and I think it looks really professional and of high quality. Keep in mind the only part that is silver is the top with the sides and bottom of the casing being a solid black. The device really is as small as it looks and ultra portable due to it's easily manageable size. I can fit the My Passport in the front smaller pocket of my computer bag where it is out of the way, but always there when I need it.

The casing is fairly durable and I don't see any possible issues where it could crack or become damaged from regular use. The included USB cable fits into the side of the device for connectivity to your PC or Mac computer. I am a little concerned about the durability of this cable when plugged into the hard drive it is a bit flimsy and could have the potential to snap off leaving a piece of the cable's tip jammed into your device's port. The simple way around this is to unplug the cable when not in use and during storage. When you are ready to access your files or do a data transfer just reinsert the cable and you are good to go.

Since I have the 2 TB version, I have lots and lots of potential storage. I did buy the “Windows version” compatible with all PC operating systems including Windows 8. The “Mac version” was $10 more and is no different except it is just formatted for Mac use and includes Mac application software in place of the Windows software. Regardless, I wasn't planning on installing either software and wanted the device for use on both my Macbook Pro and my Windows desktop. I decided to buy the cheaper one and just reformat the drive to be compatible with both operating systems (look for a tech tips article soon on how to do this yourself!).

Another nice feature about this hard drive is that it does not need an external power source or multiple USB cables to function. Some competitors need to plug into an outlet or use one USB for data transfer and another for power. This is not the case with the Western Digital My Passport and only a single USB port is needed for both power and data use. For someone like me who only has one USB on each side of my retina Macbook Pro this is a huge selling point.

The device supports USB 2.0 or 3.0 so the speeds are not amazing, but they get the job done and are indeed quicker than I had anticipated initially. I backed up some old photos I had on my desktop which totaled 56 gigabytes in size. This took an hour and a half to transfer from a 7200RPM desktop drive to the My Passport external drive which is pretty acceptable. Since everything backs up in the background I am able to proceed with my daily work and just let the transfer finish in the meantime. Below I have attached the ATTO Disk Benchmark so those of you who are really tech savvy can see the performance for themselves.

atto benchmark

Overall, I am very happy with this device. For under $150, I was able to score a portable, durable, and decent performing hard drive with 2 terabytes of storage! I did need to do some tweaking to get the device to work with both Mac & Windows, but once it was completed the device works perfectly without a hitch. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an portable external hard drive at a reasonable price. There are multiple colors and hard drives sizes that could suit virtually anyone's needs!