ScreenDr Pro Review – A Cleaning System For Screens & Displays

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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The ScreenDr Pro system provides safe and streak-free cleaning to all electronics screens and displays.

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With so many of my devices relying on large displays, it can be a real hassle keeping them free of the fingerprints, dust, dirt, or debris that accumulate on the screens over time. Since many of these screens are touchscreen, it makes it even more difficult to clean as many household cleaning solutions can eat away at your screens or cause them to malfunction due to the chemicals. Due to this, I went to my local Best Buy and picked up a 2 pack of a product called ScreenDr Pro as it was branded to “safely clean all electronics screens & displays”. This review is based on my personal use of the ScreenDr Pro cleaning kit and will work for any size ScreenDr Pro product as they are all very similar if not the same.


When I arrived home, I quickly unboxed the cleaning solution and checked out its unique design. The liquid cleaning solution is stored within the blue container, the microfiber cleaning cloth then drapes over the container and lastly the black plastic cover is fastened on top to keep the cloth in place. This makes it really simple to take it with you on the go with no mess or missing pieces.

IMG_8009The concept is well-designed and sleek, but I was not impressed in the build quality especially when it comes to the microfiber cloth. The cloth feels extremely cheap and mine is continually losing little fragments of material on its own. Compared to a previous microfiber cloth that I have owned for years (and paid very little for), the quality is severely lacking so it was a bit disappointing.

Now I have seen several negative comments concerning the performance of the ScreenDr Pro system and I think many of these have to do with a lack of following the directions on how to properly use the product.

Here is the procedure you are supposed to follow:

  1. Pop the vented cap from the bottle and remove the microfiber cloth
  2. Spray the solution lightly on to the cloth, holding the bottle 5″ away from the cloth (This means you DO NOT spray the solution directly on the screen)
  3. Clean the screen using the same side of the cloth that you sprayed the solution on
  4. Flip the cloth around to the dry side and wipe the screen clean until it is dry
  5. Drape the cloth back over the bottle and snap the vented cap back in place

By following this exact procedure as described, I have had excellent results as you can see below:

Before Using ScreenDr Pro


After Using ScreenDr Pro


As you can see, the product worked very well. There are no visible streaks and the screen looks brand new (it may seem so to some of you, but that is the reflection of the rippled material on the lightbox). The ScreenDr product will work on a variety of surfaces including computer monitors, laptop screens, televisions (plasma, LCD, & LED), smartphones, or tablets. Practically any device you can think of that has some sort of screen.

IMG_8008Another excellent aspect about the ScreenDr Pro product is that each bottle has a significant amount of solution within it.  A proper cleaning requires only a spray or two of solution to produce effective results. This means you can to clean multiple devices several times a month and will not have to worry about buying a new bottle of solution for in upwards of a year's worth of time.

In the end, I found the ScreenDr Pro cleaning set to be a safe and effective way to clean all the screens on my various devices. From my personal experience, I was able to clean my filthy Retina Macbook Pro's screen in less than a minute with no mess or hassles to deal with. The cleaning supplies can be stored altogether in a convenient fashion thanks to their innovative design, but I won't be surprised if I need to purchase a new microfiber cloth in the near future as the original is of a fairly low quality. Taking into consideration the solid performance and reasonable price tag, I would recommend this product to any prospective buyers.