Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller For Windows Review

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  • Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller For Windows
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows allows PC gamers to ditch the mouse and keyboard.


Most PC gamers have grown up using a mouse and keyboard in order to play their favorite games, but some of us like myself would rather prefer to be able to use a controller instead. Using the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows you are able to play the majority of the latest PC titles while taking advantage of the convenience of using a standard Xbox 360 controller. The nice thing about this device is that it is plug and play ready with Windows 7 or 8 (driver disc included for previous Windows versions).

The build and design is identical to a traditional Xbox 360 controller though it does feature a longer and more maneuverable wire. Another awesome feature is that it actually can be used on both a PC and an Xbox 360. As you may know you are not required to purchase this particular Windows edition for a 360 controller to work on a Windows machine, but you will need a real wired 360 controller (plug and play kits are not compatible). The nice thing about the Windows edition is that it comes with the driver disc (for ease with pre-Windows 7 machines), includes the longer cord, & also in our case was a few dollars cheaper than the traditional Xbox 360 wired controller.

As for performance goes this controller works extremely well with most PC games that have support for it. That is the catch here since most of the new games are including support for the 360 controller, but older games do not have native support meaning you will have to go through a 3rd party application like Xpadder. I tested this game with Farcry 3 & Batman Arkham City with great success. Both of them included native support for this controller without any major tinkering of the settings. It felt like I was playing the game on an Xbox 360 and thanks to the power of newer PCs you can enjoy the superior PC graphics without the issue of having to stick to a mouse and keyboard. Another advantage is you can often get the same games on the PC in comparison to the 360 for a much lower price when they both become discounted.

Overall, I'd recommend this controller for anyone looking to get into PC gaming, but can't get used to using a mouse and keyboard comfortably. It functions as both a 360 and PC gaming controller, is well built, and works flawlessly. Do not hesitate to buy this product if you are contemplating purchasing it.