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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Stealth Edition Gaming Keyboard offers innovative features and excellent performance for the price. Get The Best Price On A Razer BlackWidow Keyboard Choosing the right keyboard is often one of the most important aspects when building or buying a new desktop. Depending on your needs and budget, keyboards can range from $10 to $250, and many are designed with a particular purpose in mind. Since I just recently ditched my 27″ iMac and built a new PC, I sought after a keyboard model that remained simple yet appealing and suitable for frequent gaming sessions, as well as business...

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Wacom Intuos Pro Pen & Touch Tablet Review

Wacom's Intuos Pro Tablet offers control via a pen stylus for drawing or editing media. Get The Best Price On A Wacom Tablet When you heard of the term ‘tablet' today, chances are most of you think of an iPad or a Kindle. If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or video editor then a different kind of tablet might have come to mind. I am referring to a drawing or editing tablet such as those produced by Wacom. To be more specific, their line of Intuos Pro tablets cater to both amateur and professionals multimedia artists who are...

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone offers stellar audio performance without breaking the bank. Get The Best Price On A Blue Yeti USB Microphone Over the past few months, I have been investing in quality video and audio gear for use in upcoming video reviews and tutorials. One of the my most difficult choices was deciding on a USB microphone that was capable of capturing crisp audio for voiceovers to match the exceptional 1080P video quality coming from my DSLR. After doing some research, I landed on the Yeti model from Blue Microphones. Priced at $115 on Amazon, the Yeti...

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ViewSonic VX2252mh Monitor Review

The ViewSonic VX2252mh Monitor features a sharp LED screen and competitive features. Get A VX2252mh For The Lowest Price Introduction ViewSonic recently released their VX52 Series of gaming monitors which feature ultra-fast response times, incredibly high contrast ratios, and built-in stereo speakers. These monitors cater best to gamers who are on a budge and are suitable for use with computers, game consoles or cable boxes. We had the chance to demo a ViewSonic VX2252mh Monitor for the past month so this review is based on our first-hand experience using the monitor on a day-to-day basis. It is also important to note...

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Cables To Go 3.5mm Stereo Coupler Review

I found the Cables To Go 3.5mm stereo coupler a great little accessory that solved the dilemma I ran into when trying to connect two male 3.5mm connections. For the cheap price, I was happy with my purchase and expect this coupler to satisfy my connection needs for quite some time. If you’re looking for a cheap 3.5mm female/female coupler, I highly recommend purchasing this one.

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ScreenDr Pro Review – A Cleaning System For Screens & Displays

I found the ScreenDr Pro cleaning set to be a safe and effective way to clean all the screens on my various devices. From my personal experience, I was able to clean my filthy Retina Macbook Pro’s screen in less than a minute with no mess or hassles to deal with. The cleaning supplies can be stored altogether in a convenient fashion thanks to their innovative design, but I won’t be surprised if I need to purchase a new microfiber cloth in the near future as the original is of a fairly low quality. Taking into consideration the solid performance and reasonable price tag, I would recommend this product to any prospective buyers.

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