2012 Round Up: 6 Fun & Exciting Zombie Killing Games

Everybody loves to get the opportunity to bash some virtual zombie’s heads in. Well here is your chance to see all of the best zombie killing games available on the market as of 2012. Once 2013 completes we will compile another updated round up. I have personally played all of these titles and enjoyed each … Read more

Vegas Pro 12: How to Optimally Render HD Video for YouTube

So you want to render an HD video for YouTube using Sony Vegas Pro 12 ehh? It’s simpler than you think! Step 1: Choose the right HD template according to your footage characteristics. This means if your have a native 720P video you will HD 720-XXP (where xx is the FPS your footage was taken … Read more

6 Ways To Conserve & Improve Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Tired of your iPhone’s battery dying so quickly? There are some precautions you can take in order to boost your battery life and conserve power to make it through those days where you aren’t able to access a charger for long periods of time. Follow the suggestions below and you’ll likely seeĀ noticeableĀ benefits in your iPhone’s … Read more

10 Awesome Cooperative Video Games to Play With A Friend

Playing video games is always a fun time, but playing video games cooperatively with a friend or two always makes it even more fun! Below I have compiled a list of 10 great games that offer cooperative play with your friends. Check them out and comment if you have any that should be added to … Read more

Free Program To Edit Windows Hosts File Quickly & Easily

Are you looking for a quick and hassle free way to edit your Windows Hosts file? You’re in luck! I have found a great freeware program that will allow you do accomplish this in no time. The software is called HostsXpert and it can be downloaded right here. The interface is super simple, just be … Read more