The First ‘Amazon Go’ Cashier-Free Store Opens To The Public Tomorrow

Just over a year ago, Amazon unveiled their ‘Amazon Go’ technology. This innovative design allows shoppers the ability to walk into a specialized convenience store, scan their Amazon app, place items from a shelf into their cart and leave the store without ever dealing with a cashier or checkout process. Exceptions are made for alcohol … Read more

Joel McHale To Host A Weekly Talk Show On Netflix

Among Joel McHale’s various Hollywood accolades, he is most notable for starring in Community and as the host of E!’s The Soup. As of next month, he will soon be adding his own Netflix talk show to his resume as the first episode of The Joel McHale Show Starring Joel McHale. There isn’t a whole lot we … Read more

Amazon Raising Prime Monthly Pricing By $2, $1 For Students

While most of Amazon’s Prime members pay the $99 annually to save money, they have been offering a monthly subscription priced at $10.99/month. For those who opt for this month-to-month pricing, you’ll be in for a cost hike as the e-commerce giant has announced a raise up to $12.99 monthly. Any new signups will automatically … Read more

The ‘Golden Globes’ Will Be Streamed Online For The First Time

2018 Golden Globe Awards

While the much of the consumer market is cutting the cord from traditional cable or satellite subscriptions and moving to existing streaming services, major television events like sporting events award shows are beginning to offer live viewing online. This year, the Golden Globe Awards will be offering online streaming of the entire ceremony live on … Read more

Netflix’s New Original ‘Bright’ Film Already Approved For Sequel

When Netflix launched a highly funded original movie Bright starring Will Smith, the film was hit with many negative reviews from critics. On the other hand, it got a lot of attention from Netflix customers having been streamed over 11 million times in the US alone in just the first 72 hours and much of the feedback … Read more

Apple Will Replace Older iPhone Batteries For Cheap After ‘Batterygate’

A story broke out just a few weeks ago that confirmed a suspicion that many iPhone users have discussed. Apple was slowing down your older iPhone’s performance over time, but not for the reasons you’d think. The common misconception about batterygate is that Apple is intentionally throttling your device performance just around the time they … Read more