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Rokinon Cine CV14M 14mm T3.1 Lens Review

The Rokinon Cine CV14M 14mm T3.1 is the optimal wide angle lens for DSLR owners on a budget. Wide-angle lenses are one of the most common choices for use when shooting architectural, interior, and landscape photography and they have also played a major role within filmmaking and cinematography. The trouble with most consumer-grade wide-angle lenses is their

How To Make Your Instagram Automatically Post Photos To Your Facebook Page

With Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, the photo sharing social media platform has managed to stay in the spotlight and has proven to be more than just a fad, boasting over 200 million active users. If you're like me, your main social media outlets of choice are Facebook and Instagram so it make sense to link

3 Starter Lenses To Buy For Your Entry-Level Canon DSLR Camera

Rokinon FE14M-C 14mm f/2.8 If you're looking to step up from your kit lens and jump into capturing wide-angle shots without breaking the bank, you'll want to pickup an affordable lens like the Rokinon FE14M-C which retails for under $400. The 14mm focal length offers a 93.9° angle of view on APS-C cameras (115.7° angle

Ape Case ACPRO2000 Camera Backpack Review

The Ape Case ACPRO2000 offers rugged durability coupled with enormous storage potential. One of the most important aspects of owning expensive camera equipment is the safety and security when in the storage during transportation. This is easily accomplished with a camera bag that is designed to carry and protect your precious gear no matter the

Neewer NW680/TT680 E-TTL II Speedlite Flash Review

The Neewer NW680/TT680 flash offers E-TTL II capabilities at an affordable price. A few months back, we posted an in-depth review of the Neewer TT560, an affordable manual flash for DSLR cameras. While this budget model impressed us, we decided to pick up Neewer's NW680/TT680 model which is priced only $25 more, but offers E-TTL II

6 Of The Most Expensive DSLR Cameras On The Market – January 2014 Edition

In the past few years, DSLR cameras have become increasingly popular and are being used by professional photographers and cinematographers around the world. If you're moving out of the consumer-level DSLR market and into more professional DSLRs, be ready to pay a premium price for the increase in features and performance. EDIT: This article has

Manfrotto MB SB390-5BB VELOCE V DSLR Backpack Review

The Manfrotto VELOCE V DSLR Backpack is compact while still offering excellent storage space. When you get involved in photography, it typically doesn't take long until you become hooked into buying more gear and accessories. While this is typically a good thing, it also can cause hassles as trekking all this gear from one place to another

AmazonBasics Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras Review

The AmazonBasics Sling Backpack protects DSLR cameras and holds several small accessories. Introduction DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly popular with consumers due to advancements in technology and price drops for many of the entry-level models have made them more affordable than ever. While there is a significant performance increase when switching from an point-n-shoot to a DSLR,

Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlight Review

The Neewer TT560 is a entry-level flash speedlight for Canon & Nikon DSLR models. Introduction DSLR cameras are becoming increasingly affordable as technology progresses and prices drop. There is also a higher number of amateurs getting involved in photography. Whether they are utilizing these entry-level DSLR models to take stunning family photos or capturing their

5 Of The Best Beginner Flashes For Canon DSLRs Priced Under $150

Thinking about buying a flash for your Canon DSLR, but do not have a lot of money to spend? You're in luck! There are several entry-level flash accessories which are compatible with Canon DSLRs and cost under $150. I suggest checking out the following models (click each link to see more information) and decide which

HitCase Pro Review – Ultra-Rugged Camera Case For The iPhone 5/5s

I found the HitCase Pro case for the iPhone 5/5s to be well-engineered and built with quality in mind. It performs to the best of its abilities however it often faces limitations of its iPhone counterpart. While it can't exactly compete with a dedicated GoPro camera in many aspects, it is more than sufficient for capturing action-sports, hobbies, or family videos on a casual basis as well as taking stunning wide-angle photos. If you are on a budget and want to get more out of your iPhone in terms of its video and photography capabilities than the HitCase Pro is a solid investment. I would recommend this case to any prospective buyers as long as you realize that your iPhone may encounter limitations mainly due to its battery-life and storage size.

4 Of The Best DSLR Cameras Priced Under $500 – September 2013 Edition

Looking to buy your first DSLR camera? Well you're in luck as there are several camera manufacturers who have put out low-priced DSLR models to cater to beginner photographers or consumers who are on a tight budget. Below is a quick run-down on the four best DSLR camera models priced under $500 at this current

How To Easily Download Any YouTube Video Using JDownloader

Step #1: Download & Install the free JDownloader software (available for Mac & Windows) Step #2: Once installed, visit the YouTube video you'd like to download Step #3: With the JDownloader client open, highlight & copy the URL of the YouTube video   Step #4: Click on the ‘Linkgrabber' tab on JDownloader to view the

5 Of The Best iOS Apps To Capture A Perfect Time-lapse Sequence

In my opinion, a well-executed time-lapse is one of the coolest things you can do with a camera. Since the iPhone camera has come so far in the past few years, it makes sense for people to develop an iOS app that can cater to this time-lapse functionality in a simple and straightforward fashion. I

8 Of The Best GoPro Action Sports Camera Alternatives

Want an action sports camera, but can't afford a GoPro or just looking for an alternative? You've come to the right place. I have done some research and rounded up 10 of the best GoPro action sports camera alternatives and listed them for your convenience below. Check them out for yourself and start capturing your

The Best Place To Rent DSLR Lenses, Camera Bodies, And Accessories

Are you looking to rent a DSLR lens, camera body, or other photography or video accessory? You're in luck! A great website by the name of BorrowLenses is here to serve your every need. Whether your looking to rent a particular lens to use at an upcoming paid gig, just want to test out a particular

3 Places To Buy A Chromakey Green Screen For Photography Or Video Use

Are you interested in buying a chromakey green screen for photography or video use? Some places will try and charge an arm and leg in order to get your hands on a compatible screen, but it doesn't have to be that way! Check out three of the most affordable places online to purchase a quality

Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod Review

The Ravelli AVTP Professional 75mm Video Tripod is a heavy duty professional level product at a consumer level price. It features extreme durability, an impressive set of features as well as excellent handling and performance. I do recommend buying this product and I personally use it as my primary tripod for video use. If you are looking for a quality video tripod at an affordable price that is built to last then this is the right product for you.

Canon 200EG Deluxe Photo Backpack Review

The Canon 200EG Deluxe Photo Backpack looks pretty appealing and like a great choice to most buyers at first glance. I love the storage potential and built-in tripod holder, but the overall the low level of comfort, cheap build material, and poor design make this product a recommended pass for potential buyers. Scroll down to the “Conclusion” portion of the review to see my alternative recommendations.

Dolica Proline Photo Tripod Review

Ultimately, I would recommend this product for anyone looking to get a tripod that will be used strictly for photography and wants to spend less than $50. If you have a little more cash to spend and want video capabilities as well then I would likely opt for something like the Pearstone VT-2100 Video Tripod instead.

Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam Review

In the end, this webcam is far superior than the vast majority of its competitors in this price range. The video is stellar and the built-in features are impressive. There are some disappointing factors such as the rather mediocre sound quality and the relatively unstable software that is included with the webcam. In the end, I still recommend this webcam to anyone looking add or upgrade their webcam's capabilities. The positives surpass the negatives overall and this product is still is a killer deal.

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens review

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens Review

This lens is the perfect addition to a photographer on a budget. It produces sharp images and video, but lacks high quality build materials and as well as a slow autofocus. If these are two things you can live with when purchasing a new lens then we do recommend you purchase this lens.

Nikon COOLPIX L810 Review

This is a solid buy for someone who is not really into photography and is just looking for “Facebook” type photos. It will perform well enough for the average consumer, but if you are looking to shoot fast paced action such as sports or in low light conditions you should choose another camera.