Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 DSLR Battery Grip Review

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  • Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 DSLR Battery Grip
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 battery grip provides the Canon T2/T3i/T4i models with significant benefits.

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Since DSLR cameras have become more affordable and consumer friendly the market has grown incredibly in the past 5 years. With the new technology and advanced sensors, many DSLRs are now capable of capturing 1080P video footage thus becoming the camera of choice for many filmmakers. I personally bought a Canon T3i with the intention of using it for video, but I had one huge issue that I needed to fix. The battery died too quickly and I couldn't go out and shoot for a couple of hours without having to stop and recharge my battery or throw in a freshly charged battery. After researching the best ways to get more life out of my camera without interruption, I decided to purchase a Zeikos ZE-CBGT2 battery grip and a few additional batteries. I went with the Zeikos after reading several positive reviews and seeing how affordable it was in comparison to Canon's BG-E8 battery grip which had a retail price over $75 more than the Zeikos.

My first impressions after unboxing were positive and I was truly impressed at the build quality and design for the low price I paid. When looking at this grip compared to user uploaded photos of the BG-E8 they look almost identical. The only noticeable difference is that the BG-E8's black color matches the Canon camera bodies perfectly whereas the Zeikos is a few shades darker. To me this isn't an issue especially considering I can save $75 by dealing with it. The build material is durable and the buttons all function well besides the on/off switch being a bit loose.

There is a wide range of features included with the Zeikos ZE-CBGT battery grip. The most noticeable involves adding an additional battery (sold separately) allowing you to use two at once to effectively double your camera's battery life. The battery grip can power the camera with one battery, two batteries, or 6 AA batteries. In order to use the 6AA batteries you must use the alternate battery tray that is included in the box. The grip also features dedicated buttons for basic functions as well an additional shutter release intended to be convenient when your using your camera to take vertical shots.

I have owned this battery grip for just under a year now and it has gotten extensive use throughout this time. Despite this, the grip remains reliable and I have had no issues with it to date. The additional buttons located on the grip are convenient as is the improved battery life it provides. It has effectively doubled the time I can spend filming and removes the constant worry if I'll be able to have enough juice to finish the shoot. The grip uses the regular Canon style batteries efficiently, but I have noticed when you switch to the 6 AA battery the lifespan is much shorter than expected which was fairly disappointing. I recommend owning at least 4 rechargeable batteries so you don't have to incur the costly expense of relying on AA disposable batteries especially given the poor performance.

The device is super easy to install onto your camera and just involves removing the battery door (which is held for safe keeping within the grip), attaching the battery grip to the camera body, and tightening the screw to ensure a snug fit. I personally think it adds a more professional look to your camera and gives it a coolness factor that is appealing to the eye. For anyone who is worried that you won't be able to use your tripod, mono-pod, or other accessories that require the tripod mount, there is no need to worry. The grip has its own tripod mount built in and it works just as well as the original one with no issues.

Overall, the Zeikos ZE-CBGT battery grip surpassed my expectations especially for the reasonable price tag. In my eyes, this product performs just as well as the Canon BG-E8 model that is $75 more expensive. If your looking to extend your battery life, boost your camera's vertical comfort, and add a professional look to your Canon T2i, T3i, or T4i camera then this is an excellent choice that I do recommend anyone to purchase.