Opteka MP100 Photo & Video Monopod Review

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  • Opteka MP100 Photo & Video Monopod
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The Opteka MP100 Monopod allows for better camera handling and steadier shots at an affordable price.

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For those instances where you need added stability and handling, but a tripod isn't quite fit for the job there is the monopod. The Opteka MP100 monopod is an affordably priced and well performing product that can benefit any photographer or videographer in need of its use. In my experience the things I look for most in a monopod is durability, security of my camera when attached, and that it is an adequate size for any type of shot that is thrown at me.

The Opteka MP100 Monopod is considered “heavy duty” by the manufacturer and I think this is a fair assessment of its build quality. The majority of the monopod is made of a hard aluminum material in addition to a thick foam grip for handling and three thick plastic clips at the bottom used for locking the height adjustments into place. The aluminum is anodized black which is sleek, but seems as though it might be pretty easy to scratch or nick if you aren't careful. In terms of durability and performance I expect this monopod to last a long time as none of the components are cheaply made and should each handle quite a beating on their own.

Actually securing a camera onto the monopod is done by simply fastening the universal threaded screw into the tripod screw hole located on the bottom of almost all conventional digital cameras. Once the monopod is tightened all the way to the camera it isn't going anywhere. I feel 100% confident with my heavy DSLR loaded with extended battery pack and external flash attached without any hesitation that it could possibly fall off the monopod.

The monopod's height is fully adjustable extending all the way up to 67″ tall. While being durable it still maintains a pleasantly lightweight and is easy to maneuver. I have personally used this monopod to shoot a bunch of sporting events and I have absolutely no complaints. The monopod works incredibly well and for the price it is a complete bargain.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality monopod at an affordable price. This monopod is highly adjustable, durable, secures your camera nicely, and looks professional. I expect this one to last awhile, but if I needed to I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat.

  • This looks just like the Targus monopod, which was $15 at Wal-Mart and is pretty good. I only wish its head swiveled some.

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