LensPen MiniPro NMP-1 Review – Miniature Lens Cleaner

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  • LensPen MiniPro NMP-1
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The LensPen MiniPro NMP-1 is a miniature lens cleaner perfect for compact digital cameras.

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Digital cameras are rapidly becoming smaller and more compact than ever before. Due to this shrink in size, the traditional camera lens has also taken a smaller form. There are many lens cleaning products on the market currently, but not many have been able to properly adopt to these compact lenses though I am aware of one product, called the LensPen MiniPro.


Created by the same company that brought us the traditional LensPen, the MiniPro provides all the great features from the original packed into a smaller size. The design features a retractable soft natural brush on one end and on the other is carbon tip hidden by a screw-on protective cap. The black plastic body of the LensPen MiniPro feels relatively durable, but has some room for improvement. Since the product is priced so affordably, it makes sense why they would choose this build material and for that I cannot complain. An added convenience is the pen-style pocket clip that will allow you to secure the MiniPro into your pant's pocket or camera bag to keep it from getting lost or damaged during transport.

IMG_7737The MiniPro's cleaning ability is excellent. The retractable brush is securely stored inside the pen until it is needed for use. To extend the brush, just slide the button upward until it locks into place. This soft brush allows you to remove any excess dust or debris from the lens before switching to the carbon tip. You will want to use this side first since your lens needs to be totally free of dirt before the carbon tip is used. This will prevent any accidental scratching that could happen if dirt or some other physical substance were to become trapped between the carbon tip & your camera lens.

To access the carbon tip, you must unscrew the protective cap. The tip is small enough to match the miniature lenses found on most compact digital cameras on the market today. By utilizing this carbon tip, you can quickly and easily remove any dust, fingerprints, smudges, or smears that may be present. Unlike other competing cleaning devices, there is no fluids used and the carbon compound found on the tip is expected to last over 500+ uses.

IMG_7743Keep in mind, the LensPen MiniPro is intended for those of you who own a consumer level point & shoot camera or something equivalent. If you have a DSLR or compact system camera, you're likely going to want to get the traditional LensPen over the MiniPro as the carbon tip is bigger and more suitable for your larger lens.

Overall, I found the LensPen MiniPro to be an excellent product at an affordable price tag. The smaller design is perfect for the compact cameras found on the consumer market today and it can fit in virtually any camera bag. The combination of the brush and carbon tip does an excellent job of cleaning your camera's lens, keeping it clean from any type of dirt, debris, fingerprints, or other elements that may hinder the quality of your future photos. I highly recommend the LensPen MiniPro to any prospective buyers as it takes the hassle out of cleaning those compact lenses that are regularly hard to get to.

 Special thanks to LensPen for supplying a MiniPro sample to make this review possible.