LensPen – Camera Lens Cleaner Review

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  • LensPen - Camera Lens Cleaner
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The LensPen is a useful accessory to aid with keeping your DSLR camera lens clean and free of debris.

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Keeping your DSLR lenses perfectly clean is an important task for photographers as even the slightest hair or dust particles can show up on your final images and can potentially cause damage to your lens over time. Cleaning these lenses is not easy to accomplish as many methods can cause more actual harm to the lens than providing a proper cleaning. By using a tool like the LensPen, the cleaning process is a breeze and can be done quickly and effectively.

The product is priced very affordably with a retail price of under $6 at the time this review is written. The LensPen actually is a little black “pen” that is equivalent in size to a thick magic marker. It features a glossy black exterior and has a clip much like a pen would for added security when in a pocket or attached to a belt or strap.  One side of the LensPen contains a tip with carbon compound on it and also has a cap for full enclosure when not in use. The other side contains a soft brush that is used for removing any dirt or debris from your lens featuring a push-up design that will reveal the brush when you need it and hide the brush when it is not in use.

I have been personally using the LensPen for the past year and it has been a key accessory that I always keep in my gear bag. For such a low price, this product is a life saver when it comes to taking the effort and annoyance out of cleaning your camera lens. I've found the best method of effectively performing the cleaning process is to use the brush initially to remove all the dirt and debris as best as I can. Then I move on to using a clean microfiber cloth on the front of my lens to get any leftover dust particles I may have missed with the brush tip. Lastly, I use the carbon tip to gently finish the cleaning process. It is important to use the brush before using the carbon tip as the tip could push any existing dirt or debris deeper into your lens causing scratches and abrasions.

Overall, the LensPen has worked wonders for keeping my Canon DSLR lenses clean and free from dust, dirt, or other debris. It is very affordable and takes all the effort and frustration out of the cleaning process therefore saving me time and money instead of needing to resort to more expensive cleaning products. The LensPen is the type of product that every photographer who cares about their equipment should own and carry on a regular basis in their gear bag.