HitCase ChestR Review – GoPro Compatible Chest Mount

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  • HitCase ChestR
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The HitCase ChestR is a high quality chest mount use for capturing first-person camera footage.


Just a short time ago, we reviewed the HitCase SuckR mount and were pleasantly surprised by the product's quality build materials and solid design. This time around we are taking a look at their chest mount called the ChestR which is currently being sold for between $35-50 depending on which retailer you choose to buy from.


Now the ChestR mount is produced by HitCase primarily for use with their HitCase or HitCase Pro cases, but luckily they didn't limit it strictly to that. Just like the SuckR mount, the HitCase ChestR mount is fully compatible with any GoPro camera and frankly, I think it beats any other GoPro chest mount that is on the market.

IMG_8207The ChestR comes neatly packaged in an attractive and professional packaging which gave me a positive first impression. Inside you'll find the chest mount held in a free carrying bag that has the ChestR name and HitCase logo embroidered neatly on the bottom of the bag. This is a cool little freebie that comes in handy while taking the mount on the go.

The build quality is excellent with the majority of the ChestR mount consisting of a strong neoprene material as well as a few strong plastic components. I was impressed at the type of materials HitCase chose for this mount which understandably correlates with its higher price tag than most competing chest mounts. These high-quality materials allow it to excel in warm, cold, dry, wet or any other condition you could possibly throw at it. I'd expect the ChestR mount to take a serious beating for years to come while still performing without any issues.

The design is equally as solid as they utilized a three strap approach which makes the mount comfortable, secure, and easy to wear. This three strap design feels very similar to wearing one of those one strap backpacks that crosses across your chest (often used for photography gear bags). Each strap is highly adjustable to fit any body type, designed to keep free of annoying tangles, and includes unique no-slip coating (in the shape of the HitCase logo) to prevent the straps from moving while the mount is being worn.


I have worn this mount for several hours at a time testing its durability, function, and comfort rating. From my experience, everything has been strongly positive. The ChestR mount not only looks professional and cosmetically appealing when worn, but it is so comfortable that you might even forget your wearing it. When capturing video with my iPhone/HitCase Pro combo, the mount has stayed firmly in place (thanks to the adjustable straps and no-slip coating) and stayed out in the way of whatever activity I was taking part in. I could easily see someone use this ChestR mount with a HitCase or GoPro while biking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, driving, hiking, swimming, sky driving, and much more.

There are two neat features that I particularly liked about this ChestR mount. First off, the straps are fully adjustable, but so is the mount itself. This means you can adjust the angle your camera's lens is pointing or if you're using the HitCase, you'll even be able to easily flip down the case to send a text, press the record button, or watch a previously filmed clip while the camera/phone is still mounted to your body using the ChestR.

IMG_8300The second cool feature that I wasn't expecting was the cleverly integrated “stow pocket” on the rear of the mount. HitCase was kind enough to leave an easily accessible, yet secure pocket on the back of the ChestR's mounting plate which allows you to store small items such as cash, a license, memory card, or key. Though it's such a small feature, it comes in handy for those activities where your clothing does not include a lot of pocket space and this little stow pocket is the perfect spot to carry a few essential items while you film.


In the end, I found the HitCase ChestR mount to be a real home run. While the mount is a bit more expensive than its competitors, you get what you pay for and in this case it is a well-designed, high-quality chest mount that is extremely comfortable to wear. The ChestR's fully adjustable design allows you to capture a first-person perspective of your favorite activity with ease and in style. I would highly recommend the HitCase ChestR mount for anyone who is in the market for a solid chest mount for use with a HitCase/Hitcase Pro or GoPro camera.

Special thanks to HitCase for providing a sample in order to make this review possible!