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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The DIGIPOWER TP-TR47DBL tripod is an affordabe, lightweight, & portable photo tripod.


DIGIPOWER's TP-TR47DBL is an entry-level photo tripod that can be purchased for just under $30 and comes in a relatively compact design. With a matte dark blue finish and translucent components, I wouldn't consider the TP-TR47DBL a real looker, but I can't complain at this price point. The build quality is sub-par and may look fairly durable, but it is subject to dents and scratches which show up very easily on this type of material.  The tripod is extremely light and compact (when in the closed position) weighing in only at 1.3lbs, this makes it ideal for someone who needs a tripod to travel with or bring on the go.

IMG_8114As for features, the DIGIPOWER tripod is not all that impressive. The Amazon description states it comes with a quick release mount, but the one I have tested did not include this feature. Instead, you were required to place the camera on top of the tripod and manually twist the knob located on the bottom of the tripod head to successfully attach to the camera. I found this process to be time consuming and inconvenience especially when you are used to the ability to pop the camera off and on to the tripod in a mere seconds with a traditional quick release mount. I found th tripod head in general was mediocre at best as the adjustments are difficult to dial in and lacked the fluid feel I'd hoped for.

IMG_8113Other issues I had with this tripod is the limitations in load capacity as well as maximum height. The load capacity caps at 4.5 lbs which may seem like a lot, but if you own a DSLR camera with any aftermarket lenses or accessories, you can surpass this weight easily. Attaching my T3i with battery grip and kit lens (weighs around 3.5 lbs) to this tripod made me a bit nervous as the stability is not so great even though it is a pound under the max load capacity. If you were to buy this for use with a standard point and shoot camera that weighs under 2 lbs then I don't expect you to experience any issues with stability.

The maximum height comes in at a disappointing 47-inches that equals out to just under 4 feet. This works well for Macro photography or lightbox use, but is far from ideal for someone looking to shoot portraits or scenery. By paying just $15 more, you can get the Dolica Proline model that is capable of supporting up to 13.2 lbs and extends up to 62″ tall. Due to this, I don't see a reasonable explanation for buying this model unless you focusing on looking for something more compact and lightweight.

In the end, I found the DIGIPOWER TP-TR47DBL tripod to be ugly, cheaply made, and lacked too many core features to recommend to others. When you can buy the Dolica Proline model for just $15 extra and get more features along with a better overall design, I don't think this model is worth spending your money on and would not advise doing so. The only exception which could warrant a purchase of this tripod would be if you are planning to use it on the go and own a camera that weights under 2 lbs as the portability is excellent if you don't mind sacrificing other elements in the process.