CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad Review

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  • CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad
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  • Last modified: December 19, 2018
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The CowboyStudio shoulder support pad is easy and affordable way to achieve steady video shots.


With the portability of video cameras and video capable photo cameras on the rise it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve a consistently steady shot. The devices are often small though sometimes heavy so holding your arms up in an unnatural fashion for long periods of time can be a real pain. Luckily, there are many accessories available for videographers out there to relieve this issue. One of the more inexpensive and best selling accessories is the CowboyStudio Shoulder Support Pad, which uses your body to rest the camera comfortably in a more steady nature. It is adjustable and folds into a closed position for storage with the included carrying bag.

The shoulder mount is reasonably priced under $30 in which it's build quality reflects. The material is a hard plastic which is nice since it keeps the accessory lightweight, but at the same time weakens its durability. The mount is adjustable which should fit almost any body type though the stockier you may be the more uncomfortable it will likely be.

I have used this shoulder support on many occasions attached to a T3i. From my experience it greatly improved my overall stability with the camera especially since holding a DSLR with your hands for video recording is so awkward. It also kept me from getting tired which would have happened if I was holding up the heavy camera (I also had an large LED light attached to the top which added significant weight) with my hands all night.

Though it helps stability, it is not the most effective solution. For example, since the device is mounted over your shoulder and resting on your stomach you must be very still when recording in order to minimize movement. Due to the positioning if you breath deep your shot will move in correlation to your stomach's movements. It usually is not a significant amount of movement to really effective the quality of the shot, but something to to note none the less. If you are looking for the end all stability solution you will want to look at a more expensive flycam or steady grip such as this.

The accessory itself should work with any standard camera sold within the past 5 years and attaches via the tripod mount on the bottom of most cameras. In this low price range, there is not any other products on the market that will give you this type of stability. Though it is not the most effective way to stabilize your video shots, we do recommend it for purchase if you on a budget and currently just filming by hand as you should see a significant improvement.