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SmallHD 702 Bright Field Monitor Review

SmallHD's 702 Bright is a high-end field monitor with a daylight viewable FHD display. Get A SmallHD 702 Bright For The Best Price For those involved in the world of video and cinematography, a field monitor is one of the most trusted tools of the trade. Relying on an external, high-resolution screen for tasks like pulling focus, checking white balance, monitoring exposure or framing can save you an astonishing amount of time which ultimately translates to money saved. Sure, a quality field monitor is expensive though think of it as an investment that will pay for itself over time...

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Syrp Genie Review – Motion Timelapse & Video Controller

Syrp's Genie is a time-lapse and video controller capable of pre-programmed single axis movement. Get A Syrp Genie For The Best Price There are many different products for producing motion control within timelapse and real-time video though no one can match the simplicity and portability of the former KickStarter backed Genie by Syrp. With a $789 MSRP, this product can add a whole new perspective for your time-lapse or video sequences by way of pre-programmed movements that are precisely smooth and seamless no matter the direction that you configure it. In the following article, I'll touch on my experience...

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Walimex Pro Aptaris Universal XL DSLR Cage Review

Walimex's Pro Aptaris Universal XL DSLR Cage fits a wide array of modern cameras. Get The Best Price On A Walimex Pro Aptaris XL DSLR Cage When you are dealing with modern DSLR or mirrorless cameras for professional video work, you'll often benefit from a cage system to mount the necessary accessories into a single rig. Over the past few months, I've been making a serious effort into upgrading the video equipment that we use here at The Tech Reviewer, so I found myself in the market to buy a cage for my new GH4. I wanted one that...

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Joby GorillaPod Focus With Ballhead X Review

Joby's GorillaPod Focus offers a stable and versatile mounting solution for digital cameras. Get A Joby GorillaPod Focus For The Best Price Tripods are often the most useful tool for those involved in the photo and video scene, but they also have their downfalls in real world situations. These constraints often are a result of height, weight, or space limitations as traditional tripods versatility remains somewhat limited besides a few adjustable factors. To combat this problem, you can pick up a GorillaPod by Joby, which takes the same concept of a traditional tripod and shrinks it into a smaller, more adaptable form-factor....

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Vanguard Alta+ 264AP Aluminum Tripod Review

Vanguard Alta+ 264AP Aluminum Tripod offers competitive features at a reasonable price-point. Get The Best Price On A Vanguard Alta+ 264AP Tripod If you own an expensive DSLR camera, the second investment you should make is to choose a quality tripod that is capable holding your DSLR's weight and has adequate features to suit your needs. I have previously reviewed the Dolica Proline Photo Tripod as it was an affordable tripod that suited my Canon T3i quite well. After making the upgrade from the T3i to Canon's larger and heavier 5D Mark III model, I knew I'd have to invest...

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Neewer NW680/TT680 E-TTL II Speedlite Flash Review

The Neewer NW680/TT680 flash offers E-TTL II capabilities at an affordable price. Get A Neewer TT680 For The Best Price A few months back, we posted an in-depth review of the Neewer TT560, an affordable manual flash for DSLR cameras. While this budget model impressed us, we decided to pick up Neewer's NW680/TT680 model which is priced only $25 more, but offers E-TTL II support as well as a backlit LCD display. At the time this review was written, the TT680 was being sold on Amazon for $64.95 which seems to be the everyday price. Considering the advanced features for...

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