January 2017 Giveaway – Enter To Win A Microsoft Xbox One S Console Bundle (Valued At $350)

Last month's holiday giveaway was a big success, so we are back at it again this month with an exciting new giveaway. Congratulations to Michael L from Oklahoma who was the winner of the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone Bundle thanks to his winning entry (he had three entries total) which came in at 4026th out of the 23,634 total entries.

This month's giveaway will be a brand new, factory-sealed Microsoft Xbox One S Gaming Console and Battlefield 1 Bundle valued at $350. As always, this contest will offer multiple ways gain entries which are listed in the widget below and is open to anyone over the age of 18 that has a valid shipping address in the continental United States.

January 2017 Giveaway – Microsoft Xbox One S Console Bundle (Valued At $350)

Keep in mind, all entry methods MUST be maintained throughout the length of the campaign in order to be eligible to win the prize. This means you cannot unsubscribe, unfollowing, or unlike any of our social media pages or Insider email or you'll be deemed invalid should your winning entry be picked.

We will be verifying all entry methods are maintained before contacting the winner and should the winner be deemed invalid, a second winner will be chosen (repeating this process until an eligible winner is found).

Best of luck in this month's contest and I hope you all have a great start to the 2017 year!

  • If I win this Xbox One S, I will keep it for myself. I haven’t had a new video game system for over 10 years! For the time being, I’ve been a retro dude, using Nintendo NES and Atari.

  • I’d give it to my husband for his birthday! Hes wanted one hes still using a ps3, he’d be so happy! Thanks for the chance

  • I would send this to my son he is station on base in California in the Marine Corp would be a great way for him to rest his mind and get a breather.

  • I would give it to my grandson for his birthday. He would be in heaven and I would be the best Nana in the world! Thanks!

  • I would love to win this for my little guy but I know my husband is going to be so unbelievably excited!! I really have two little boys!! While it means I spend most of my time cleaning up after these two messy boys, it’s so great for our little boy to have a Daddy that loves to play!! They are best buds!! This would be so great for them!!

  • Pretty nice, I’m sharing it as crazy (actually like the one before) good luck everybody and thanks The Tech Reviewer

  • I would give it to my son. He has wanted one so badly since he has been disabled and not able to work. I would give it to him instead of keeping it, just to see a smile on his face.

  • I will be giving this to my 16 yr old daughter for her birthday. She loves gaming and wants the new Xbox One! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • I’ve been wanting either a PS4 or an Xbox1 for a good while but just haven’t been able to justify the purchase yet. Something else always takes priority. So… I would definitely keep this for myself!

  • If I win I’m giving it to my kids. They would take it from anyway, so to save myself pain it would be easier to give it to them.

  • I’d give this to a friend who just lost everything to a fire in there home. The kids lost everything and I know they would cry getting this. If I did win I’d post photos to show how it went to them.

  • The Xbox One S and Battlefield 1 were given great reviews reviews. So as a PS4, That’s good enough for me. I’ll take it.

  • If I won, I’d give it to my sons. I have 3 teen sons who really want the Xbox One. They’re good kids, get good grades, and don’t give me any trouble. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  • I’m grandma nanny to our 5 grandkids and they are HERE everyday…if I’d win, I’d keep it here for the grandkids…might even make grandma of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would love to win this and surprise my boyfriend! He has been dying for one. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  • If I won this Xbox it would be for my fiancรฉ. She has a genetic illness that leaves her mostly house bound. She’s bored and needs video games in her life!

    • oh.. and I will have it here at my house for the grandkids to play on.. they will love coming to nana’s house! LOL!

  • If I win this Xbox One S Bundle, I will give it to my little brother. I didn’t get him anything for the holidays this year! He would love this.

  • If I win this contest, I am keeping the XB1 for myself since my son already has a first version XB1. My wife and I could really use one out in the living room on our TV.

  • When you enter the Xbox giveaway then share it on Twitter it says win a Drone Bundle? I’d love to win for my kids for the XBox. Thanks for the chance

  • I want it for myself, however, I may consider letting them play it for short periods of time, as they (especially my son, has a predilection for taking over, or a false sense of entitlement)

  • I would gift it to my husband so I can appear to be the good wife while in reality I’ll be playing on it more than him.

  • I will keep it for myself and let the grandchildren play with it when they visit. I have to keep up with the times and learn how to play the games! Thanks for the chance.

  • This would be for my son. He missed out at Christmas and I’m still trying to get the system for him. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • If I win I will keep the Xbox one S for myself I haven’t had a brand new console in many years it would be nice to get a brand new upgrade thanks to these guys

  • I will def give it away! I have a foster son who has never had these kind of presents so he would love it!! Thank you!

  • If I win this Xbox One S Bundle, I would keep it for myself, at least temporarily, since I have been wanting to play games on the Xbox One since it first came out and still haven’t had the chance. I want to finally find out what the console is all about and what it has to offer.

  • I’d definitely keep this!!! My boys would freak out.. They have been waiting one for so long, and I’d have fun with it too hehe tysm for the chance

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