February 2017 Giveaway – Enter To Win A Sony PS4 Slim Console Bundle (Valued At $300)

Winner of December's giveaway

Before I get to this month's giveaway details, I just wanted to follow up as Michael sent us with a picture to show off his new Parrot Bebop 2 drone that he was fortunate enough to win during our holiday giveaway which took place in December.

As for last month's Xbox One S giveaway, I was already able to successfully reach the winner. This means that I can formally announce Heidi P. from Stillwater, MN as the lucky person who will be taking home the Xbox One S bundle. Her winning entry came in at #17997 out of #27328 and was earned through a referral of another contest participant.

However, for those of you who are disappointed that you weren't chosen to win a new gaming console, you may be in luck. As February begins, we are offering up a chance to win a brand new PS4 Slim console bundle that comes with a copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End an overall value of $300.

January 2017 Giveaway – Sony PS4 Slim Console Bundle (Valued At $300)

Keep in mind, all entry methods MUST be maintained throughout the length of the campaign to be eligible to win the prize. This means you cannot unsubscribe, unfollowing, or unlike any of our social media pages or Insider email or you'll be deemed invalid should your winning entry be picked. I really can't stress this enough as this has made potential winners ineligible in the past thus missing out on a cool prize.

We will be verifying all entry methods are maintained before contacting the winner and should the winner be deemed invalid, a second winner will be chosen (repeating this process until an eligible winner is found). All winning entries are picked using the random generator built into the Gleam contest software (we don't manually choose a winner).

Best of luck in this month's contest, on behalf of our team, we wish you all a safe and happy February!

  • Definitely for the family! Couldn’t afford one for Christmas this year, and my three girls would be thrilled 🙂

  • OH MY GOSH! I have literally been trying to win a PS4 for like 4 years to give to my son! Now would be a perfect time, he is graduating high school in June and would love this since I can’t afford a car! LoL
    Thank you for this great giveaway opportunity!!

  • If I won I would love to keep it for myself, But my son really wants one so I would probably give it to him…. he would have to share with me sometimes though!

  • I will keep it for myself, but it’s like sharing anyways because my borther and I also share the “gaming” computer and I want actually to see if I can find the PSVR

  • I would love love love to win this.. my 3 boys and my boyfriend would be over the moon, Finances won’t allow me to get it. Please help me to make their dream come true

  • This would be an absolutely awesome win! My grandson wanted one for Christmas but I couldn’t afford it, this would be a dream come true, tysvm for the chance to win!

  • I would keep it for me because I’m really looking forward to Detroit: Becoming Human coming out at the end of this year and I’m going to need a ps4 to play it on.

  • I would keep it for myself! I’m a full-time graduate student with a newborn so I can’t afford to buy myself a new console right now!

  • If I win, I will give it to my 12 year old son on his birthday in April. He would be so thrilled! I couldn’t afford to get him one for Christmas. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  • thats right keeping it for me to play DIII an BF1, maybe when the G.kids come over they can watch me play…na for the G.kids.

  • with 8 grandchildren I would be the greatest Grandma ever if I won this thanks for the chance and it will be a welcome addition to Gma’s house

  • I would like to keep it but i would give it to my brother since we used to play video as kids now we are older and live far away…would be awesome to do that again.

  • I’ll be keeping it for myself, but I’ll graciously share it with my girlfriend for fear of becoming single…¬_¬

  • I would keep to myself.. my Ps4 just quit working… wouldnt even turn on.. about a month or so ago so this would be a blessing!!

  • I will be giving this to my son to replace the systems he had stolen at Christmas (we were robbed).

  • My son’s would love to have a gaming system so I would definetly gift this also happens to end just in time for one of their birthday

    • I had bought a PS3 bundle a few years back for the family at $526 and it stopped working a year after it was bought. It is a little strange it stopped working after an update was downloaded on it, the warranty had just ended, and the PS4 had just come out. I was so disappointed and upset that I decided I will not be buying another one.

  • I would gift this amazing prize to my oldest son! He’s working so hard at school, and right now he has the flu and is super sick!

  • I would love to win this for my son who’s B-Day is 2/11/17! He is getting married in a few months and after that he will become a daddy making me a grandma! Sometimes I look at him (when he doesn’t notice) and he’s still my li’l 4 yr old boy running around everywhere nonstop and then at night he always had to have his snuggle time with me! But other times I look at him when he’s talking about the wedding plans and the new baby and he sounds so grown up (which he is) and and mature enough to tackle all of this! He just has “Grabbed a hold of the horns and just has held on tight”! But you know what? He always needs his mom! He always gives me a hug and let’s me kiss his cheek no matter what! But all of that to say, it would be really cool for him to get it from me for his birthday as he’s kind of been in the background a lot these days! His MOMMY would so grateful! I know this is an automated winner picker but maybe you could help a Mom out with a different company? Or find me some SWAG? Now it sounds as if I’m begging so I’m going to stop! Thank-you and may your Business Prosper!

  • Keep it! My kids really want one and loss of a job has made it impossible to buy one. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize! Thank you for your generosity! Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed tightly! Good Luck to All!

  • My son would definitely have control of the PS4 Slim Bundle! He’s the Big Gamer of the family! We could all still play ‘some’ though!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest! I absolutely love the uncharted series and would love to win a PlayStation 4 to continue playing!

  • This is awesome! Congrats to Heidi and Micheal! :3 I would be able to play Elder Scrolls Online with my little brother again on my own system instead of asking others if I could use theirs. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck everyone!

  • If I win the PS4 I would keep it for myself because my old PS3 has bit the dust lol. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • I would give it to my son. He has been talking about getting one but his needs have come before his wants and he hasn’t been able. I think he would pretty excited if I won him one.

  • Learning a lot via your site…saves me all the work! If I win the slim…I’m going to keep it for myself so I can pllay games with my grown sons…great way to interact with people even if they don’t live close-by.

  • Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!!! We would keep it and I’ll tell you why. We had a PlayStation 3. We have been saving to get the 4 but we have a little one and as everyone who entered this knows, life is expensive and whenever you’re trying to save for something cool, chaos strikes, lol. So….I run out and leave my boys (husband and baby boy…usually baby boy is watching husband, lol) home. I come back and the PlayStation is in pieces. Apparently he couldn’t get it to play so he took it apart and broke it trying to put it back together. Awesome!! I’m still mad, lol!! I was at a really awesome part in my game!! Thanks again!!! Crossing fingers and toes!!!

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